24 October 2011

Starkenburg Stand-Off

I want to post this link to the blog of a reader of this site, Long-Skirts, whose poetry sometimes graces the combox.  She is an SSPX chapel attendee, as some of you may know.  Each year a group from the SSPX makes a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Starkenburg, located within the Diocese of Jefferson City.  Each year they face difficulties, large or small.

The reason I am posting this is not to get into the minutiae of SSPX-Rome relations, but just to give an idea of the kind of treatment they get from other Catholics, and why there is a certain level of skepticism in their ranks.  Last year I read about the problems at Starkenburg, and that the Church was locked.  The SSPX group had Mass outside.  This year, they found the entire grounds blocked and guarded.

Now, of course I can see how the Diocese, or the Shrine staff, would not want a suspended priest to say Mass in the Church.  I thought then, and think now, that a nice gesture on the part of the Diocese or Shrine would be to agree to a Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the SSPX congregation provided a non-suspended priest said it.  Perhaps in a burst of Christian charity, they could provide one.  But anyway, at least make that offer, and if the SSPX turned it down then it's on them.  The SSPX of course is comfortable enough with the irregular status of its priests to have them say Mass, but I can understand why the Diocese/Shrine would disagree.  Like I said, there seems to be a compromise possible that would avoid scandal and preserve charity and honor.  It ought to be pursued.

The SSPX, according to the Holy Father, is not in schism, not its bishops, priests or lay supporters.  So, what are they?  They are Catholic.  Why can't Catholics enter onto grounds of a Catholic shrine that is open to the public?  Hindus can enter the grounds.  Leftist Catholics who support women's sorta-nation can enter.  If only the guardians of the Church's buildings were as zealous in all situations. 

Perhaps if those involved were as solicitous of these fellow  Catholics as they would be in an ecumenical or interreligious gathering-- even if they (incorrectly) considered them "our separated brothers and sisters"-- the solution could be found. While that prospect may be bleak, it is to be prayed for.

Our Lady of Starkenburg, pray for us.


Anonymous said...

"Why can't Catholics enter onto grounds of a Catholic shrine that is open to the public? Hindus can enter the grounds. Leftist Catholics who support women's sorta-nation can enter."

It's true, just look at our own diocese in Saint Louis. Christ Prince of Peace Parish hosting an interfaith program with the Hindu's and the Islamists to 'foster understanding'. We're all about fostering understanding except when it comes to our own family members. The shame lies squarely on the Bishops who have hardened their hearts. They have golden opportunities like the Starkenburg event to be catalysts to bridge gaps and out of Holy Charity work towards establishing even a basic trust, but it's not there for the Society. Heck, it's barely there for Traditionalists fully regular in the Church.


theresia said...

That is not Christian charity. I went to an SSPX Mass in Brussels one time, and they were really kind and open to me and my different perspective, so why shouldn't we be open to them? It's called ecumenism.

Long-Skirts said...

I just want all to know that it gives me no pleasure to report on such an ugly assault on simply traditonal Roman Catholicism. I have been sick about it. I didn't even tell of the horrible woman who got into my face and screamed, "Look how pathetic the women dress. You're so pathetic in the way you're dressed." She was more hip in her tight pants and black knee-hi boots but I'm not one of those who dresses like the Amish or Little House on the Prairie. Shoot...I got my outfit at a K-Mart Blue Light Special! I thought I was lookin' good in the hood. She then yelled, "Why don't you people get your own Shrine." I told her that the sign outside of "their" Shrine said, "Open to the PUBLIC daily." She pulled out her camera phone and pointed it at me and said she "wanted to show people how pathetically we dress." How odd...the cell phone would be the weapon of the day so holding my Rosary in one hand I pulled out MY cell phone, pointed it at her and said, "This will look great on You/Tube." Then she stomped her foot and walked away. The sad thing is...my phone doesn't even TAKE pictures OR videos, I was just bluffing. I pray for her and all those women who are used by Church hierarchy. There wasn't a man to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Looking at Anonymous' link to the "interfaith" story, it's interesting that the Review gives "etiquette" for attending the Hindu and Muslim events, but no etiquette needed for being in the Catholic Church: "Etiquette for attending the Hindu Temple and mosque include: long sleeves, no shorts, cell phones off, photos taken only in specified areas."

Guess you can show up as is inside Christ Prince of Peace, even if you're wearing cut-offs and a wife beater.


Long-Skirts said...

To lighten things up a bit I thought I would send a YOU/TUBE of a famous 1967 satire song on what was going on at that time during, what our Notre Dame Nuns called, The Ecumenical Council, for you young ones that's the Vatican II Council.

THIS is a great clip as the satarist, Mark Lehrer explains what was going on in the Church then sings the song. I know it's sad but even the Pagans knew!

My literature teacher played this when we were studying satire in the public high school and as awful and sad as it is I hung my head and (laughed my *ss off!) It was soooooooooooo true!!!


"Laugh & grow strong" (St. Ignatius O'Loyola, he was Irish doncha' know.)

Anonymous said...

There is no proof this came from the Chancery office in the Diocese of Jefferson City.

I would suggest they write a very kind letter to the Bishop and make him aware of what happened.

I also believe the Shrine is run by a lay board as this former parish has been closed for many years.

There is a very good chance the Chancery office has no idea about this.

While I will say I don't believe the Bishop is "friendly" to the Extraordinary Form,(whatever that means) he most certainly does not approve of such behavior against our real "seperated brothers and sisters" the group called SSPX.


Jane Chantal said...

Wow -- that Tom Lehrer "Vatican Rag" clip is painful. To me, it seems less like Lehrer mocking the "reforms" than like Lehrer using the "reforms" as a stealth way of mocking the Church. It's nice to know that not everyone saw it that way.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, A kind letter to the Bishop is a good idea and should always be done in charity, but I would also offer that the Bishop should know his household as this was certainly not the first year this event took place, so there was some history. Again, the SSPX are not our separated brethren - the Lutherans are, but not the Society.

God bless you Longskirts, your description of angry-woman reminds me of the Soviet fashion show commercial from the 80s.


Anonymous said...

What is SSPX?