21 October 2011

Town Talk: The First Line of Defense against Germ Warfare

If you know me-- and you don't-- you know I love "Town Talk", that delightful section of the Suburban Journals wherein disaffected and inebriated readers leave voicemail messages to be published as print commentary.  Call it text messaging for Luddites.

And if you know me really, really well--and you don't-- you know that I love a good dystopian vision of the future as much as anyone.

Now my two loves come together at last.  From the October 19 Town Talk: 

Winter illnesses starting early 

With all the people being sick here of late this early in the winter season, I knew something must have been weird. But now I just talked to my friend Joe that never gets sick, and he just got over his cold that he said lasted almost three weeks. So something weird is going on. Maybe there really is germ warfare, I don't know. But this is definitely going to be a peculiar winter if we're starting this early with sicknesses and colds and viruses and stuff.

I'm convinced.  Remember this post about the 1976 swine flu "epidemic"?:

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