26 June 2012

Did You Miss That? Swine Flu "Pandemic" of 2009 Claimed 284,500 Lives

Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! Hee hee!


I dunno. Maybe it's like layaway, and the lives will be claimed much later. Here's the "scoop":

Swine flu likely claimed quarter of a million lives: study

(AFP) – 16 hours ago

PARIS — The A(H1N1) "swine flu" 2009 pandemic probably claimed over a quarter of a million lives -- 15 times more than the 18,500 reported, a paper in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal said Tuesday.

The elevated toll underlined the need for better planning and vaccine distribution, said a team of epidemiologists and physicians who made a statistical model based on population and infection estimates to present what they believe is a more accurate picture of the pandemic's reach.


Some 18,500 deaths had been reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) from confirmed laboratory test results, but the international researchers believe this number to be a gross underestimation.

They wrote that "... diagnostic specimens are not always obtained from people who die with influenza and the viruses might no longer be detectable by the time of death in some people."

The team estimated there were 284,500 deaths from swine flu in the 12 months from April 2009. But the figure may be as high as 575,400, they said.[...]

Now the flu geniuses want you to remember that you should be scared 100% of the time. So, from the same folks who brought you global warming climate change, here is the money quote:

Between 250,000 and 500,000 people die of seasonal influenza every year, according to the WHO.

So rush out and pump yourselves and your children full of the latest untested vaccines!


Methodist Jim said...

Awesome . . . statistics based on computer models based on estimates. Assumptions rather than data. Though even data is easily manipulated, why bother when you can just "estimate" things and get the result you want.

Anybody else reminded of all those jobs that have been "saved or created" over the past couple of years?

JDD said...

I don't get the paranoia on this issue. Any one is welcome to make rounds with me in the ICU during flu season.
I would recommend John Barry's book 'The Great Influenza'. A good description of the 1918 pandemic and the idiotic response of the Wilson administration

PM said...

Agreed, JDD. For some reason people are really drawn in by the lies of the anti-vaccination movement. I'm so sad for those who have to learn the hard way. There's nothing more difficult than seeing a child struggle for his life or die from something that could have been prevented by vaccinations (I've seen it numerous times with the flu and other illnesses like meningitis).

dulac90 said...

I think the issue is more of skepticism than paranoia. When it comes to influenza, the CDC leverages paranoia far more than vaccine skeptics.

How many of the deaths from influenza would have been prevented by the vaccine available that year? How many involved previously healthy individuals?

I don't question the prudence of at-risk individuals opting for vaccination as a better risk than potential side effects. But why should vaccines of questionable effectiveness and under reported side effects be mandated?

PM said...

I didn't mean to imply vaccines should be mandated. Sorry for the confusion! As for the at-risk individuals comment: that's actually one reason why everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated. The most at-risk people, like those who are immunosuppressed for whatever reason (previous organ transplants, those receiving chemotherapy, etc.) often cannot receive certain vaccinations and have to rely on the hope that those around them will. I don't know the statistics for deaths of previously healthy individuals. As purely anecdotal evidence, all of the kiddos I've seen who died or were critically ill from the flu or other preventable illnesses were healthy, normal kids before.