19 June 2012

For My Novus Ordo Readers

As a service to you, I just had to post on a new development that may make you want to move to North County.
As announced in the Review, the Archbishop has appointed Fr. Eric Kunz as Associate Pastor of St. Angela Merici Parish, where he will assist Fr. Thomas Keller. It is all too rare to have two such faithful, orthodox, liturgically sound priests in a parish these days.

Of course, such a blessed situation demands that I bestow upon them the proverbial kiss of death by commenting favorably about them in this space. Sorry!

But, while it lasts-- and if you prefer the so-called Ordinary Form (why is that again, btw?)-- enjoy the ride. Tell your lapsed friends at St. Angela that they should "come home," as the marketing department says.

And pray for our priests!


Dan Hunter said...

Why would anyone prefer a protestantized Catholic Mass?

thetimman said...

And away we go!

Latinmassgirl said...

Very, very sadly, the priests in our neighborhood parishes aren't offering the Extaordinary form (Latin Mass). In fact, many priests refuse to offer this mass even when asked, although this is contrary to our Holy Father's wishes.

Our van broke down this past weekend so we attended mass near our home. When we got home our littlest boy commneted on how strange if was that they knelt for such a short time, especially after communion. Out of the mouth of babes.

X said...

It makes it easier to live a protestantized catholic life.

Dan Hunter said...

That is why the SSPX is so badly needed.
In many areas where the diocese is not compliant with the Holy Fathers will that there be a TLM,the Society has one available.

LMG said...

My husband and I had to suppress our laughter yesterday when a fallen away Catholic told us that the main thing she dislikes about Catholics is their mass is SOoooo LONG!

Must we object to spending an hour, once a week with Our Lord? The time does drag when singing, "Sing to the Mountain" on the guitar. Maybe if they sang, "Come to the Table", or "My God is an Awsome God", time would go by faster.

Athelstane said...

I exclusively attend the traditional mass or on occasion, a Eastern Rite or Anglican Use (English Missal) mass. When in St. Louis, I only attend at St. Francis de Sales. And yet I have to say that what little I know St. Angela Merici Parish is encouraging, as even a glance at their renovated sanctuary will show. When a regular diocesan parish is moving in the right direction, by major steps, we ought to acknowledge it and encourage it. God bless and more power to Fr. Keller and Fr. Kunz.

And the fact remains - and Timman can delete this part out if he believes it will be likely to cause frictions with the chancery - that under the current ordinary, there are restrictions again on the celebration of the Extraordinary Form outside the established oratories. Life has gotten hard for the Burke men, both recently ordained or in seminary. These are young men very much interested in reconnecting with Catholic Tradition, but suffering from real disabilities in their efforts to do so. Keep praying for them, and know that time is on their side.