20 June 2012

LCWR Annual Assembly in St. Louis: Still Waiting

Still waiting for what, you ask?

Well, let's start with the canonically-appropriate: forbidding the meeting, with an interdict against those who attend, after a public warning about this meeting of manifest public heretics claiming to be Catholic. See Canon 1373 (though 1374 really describes the LCWR in practical reality). And how about Canons 1365 and 1369? And this is just on first blush. I'm sure that the great Unknown Canon Lawyer X could draft several thorough decrees.

Since that doesn't seem realistic, what else? The Archbishop could forbid the Assembly from taking place. As the local Ordinary, he has the authority to do so. Perhaps this would merely be a theoretical remedy as well, as the earth worshipers seem to obey no one but themselves Gaia. But at least it would send the unmistakably clear message that this den of vipers does not have the blessing of Holy Mother Church.

Moving on, I'm still waiting to read a notice in the Archdiocesan paper of record, warning the faithful of the theological and moral dangers of taking part in it, or attending its sessions.

And, finally, we can only pray that priests and employees of the Archdiocese will be forbidden to participate in, attend, or even (God forbid) speak at this assembly of abomination.

Why is the assembly an abomination? The wacky New Age heresies of the keynote speaker have already made the Catholic press. If you didn't catch that scandal, read about her on her website. WARNING: creepy and weird, yet comical. This is the womyn that the LCWR prefers over the Holy See.

But let's take a quick look at another speaker-- you could do so at random, really, and get the same type-- Jamie Manson of the "National" "Catholic" "Reporter". She is an apologist for sexual deviancy in the form of the usual call of leftists to ignore the tenets of Natural Law. She is also aces on dissent-mongering. Here are two recent articles of hers in the NCR:

LCWR: A Radical Obedience to the Voice of God in Our Time

Is the Roman Catholic Church Downsizing into a Sect?

Enjoy those. I'll wait.

You're back? OK.

So this is the circus that's coming to town, right here in St. Louis. Where is the effort on any official level to counteract it? Where is the outcry? In this time of turmoil, when there is so much open and secret disobedience to the Holy Father, may we not ask what we can do to uphold the faith, to defend the Church?

The faithful will rally to the Church and her pastors every time she asserts her true authority. The momentum, small as it is, of the bishops in the campaign against coerced contraception needs to continue. Doctrine within the Church is directly related to the strength or weakness of the Church's position in secular matters. Catholics look for leadership on matters of faith, too.

The LCWR Assembly begins August 7, 2012.

Still waiting...

P.S. That creepy, alien-inspired graphic, above, is the very one the earthsisters use to promote the
coven convocation.


KenC said...

I don't think the archbishop can order LCWR to not meet, but he can forbid his priests from taking part in it and not allow a Mass to be said there, perhaps?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm still waiting for word from the chancery also.

Hootiecootie said...

WOW WHEEEEE!!! Thank you Mr. Tim Man! I am so glad I mainly deal with the polar opposite of this problem!

I especially love the "What is an Evolutionary Women" blip on ol' Barbara's site.

This is the stuff that causes my blood to boil.

I would say more but then, well, I would never know when to stop. I don't understand why they don't just create yet another "new" religion apart from the Roman Catholic Church. I am very happy with my one, true, Catholic faith founded by Jesus Christ. Complete with male only priests and not evolving into some two-headed consciousness of relativism.

I do know that this wounds our dear Lord so much. Because of this, I will pray for them and pray that the hierarchy will reprimand them soon. However, these little children should have been spanked long ago.

Thank you for the time that you put into these posts.

Hootiecootie said...

Oh, one more thing.

They pose the question, "Can't we all just get along?"

NO. We can't. Absolutely NOT!

Anonymous said...

Organize a Rosary march outside of the conference. Just a thought.


fed-up said...

I wrote to the archdiocese at least 2 months ago and still have heard nothing. I agree that a rosary said outside the conference is a great idea. This is ridiculous that this is happening.

JDD said...

My wife and I are enjoying the cosmic high of "Conscious Evolution" by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Thanks Timman for the link to this enlightenment. A true free thinker.
While my wife was laughing I was contemplating scenes from Planet of the Apes. I would love to see a Statue of Libery buried in sand as the back drop of the StL conference.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not calling attention to the event is the best strategy. Now how book sales increase when a pronouncement is made about a book the Church does not want its faithful to read.


Anonymous said...

Really? Why does this surprise? When we depart from the Traditional foundations of our Catholic Faith, this is what fills the void. And the SSPX waits at the door?? Amazing.

It would be nice to see the same level of outrage expressed by His Grace as he drew in Jeff. City. Disappointingly, nothing yet, but maybe he will ... it really needs to be acted upon at the Shepherd's level because silence sends the same message of approval or it expresses the position that it is not worthy of comment, and the faithful are given a mixed message. Where are the clerical heroes who will stand up and speak to this? Maybe the laity would pick up the slack ... I'm with RJH for a Rosary march outside the conference.

If these vulgar apostates wish to make up their own faith, then join the din of others who have done so, but don't call yourself Catholic.


thetimman said...

Angela, the reason to say something and not ignore it, on this one group at least, is because the numbers of attendees are irrelevant for their purpose. When the LCWR is reduced to the last aged nun and/or her life partner, there will still be representatives of the secular press there to cover it as though it spoke for the majority of Catholics. We don't care if one or one hundred or even (unlikely as it seems) one thousand lefties attend.

There must be a Catholic response, particularly from the shepherds, because these groups are heretical and schismatic, and exist to damage the Church. Well, why let them do this unopposed?

Someone has to lead here.

amsjJ said...

Dear Timman,

thanks for the P.S. regarding the graphic; it answered my question of “what the hell is that?!!!”

Obviously I got nothing “Catholic” from it...