09 June 2012

The Time for Sundering Has Come

Well, that is a bit dramatic, but between the loony gal-heretics of the LCWR (coming to St. Louis this Summer, still waiting for excommunications there...) and these "Catholics" scandalized by a diaconal ordination ceremony conducted correctly according to ceremonial approved by the Church, I am torn between laughter and tears.

Talk about schism.  Perhaps the time has come to force a de jure decision that already has been made de facto.  Wouldn't a little clarity help?  Haven't we already reached the time to conclude that the dragnet has grabbed all it will grab?*

How long, O Lord?!


* Nope.  Not good enough.  I realize that I am not God.  In His good time, and praying for His mercy on us all, let us continue to suffer for souls.


Anonymous said...

I went back to the original Salon Beige blog about the news article. It is good to see faithful expressions of Catholic worship and tradition in French. (I am reading a history book that makes me think the French people are completely frivolous.)

The STL PD had an article yesterday that the Catholic theologians are in town and have pronounced Sr. Farley's book "good." So, theologians now apparently declare Church teachings.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I am amazed I was able to transcribe those codes correctly. They were hard to read. This set is more legible.