28 June 2012

Two Takes from Breitbart to Get You Thinking

One for conspiracy types.

One for I-told-you-so types.


Methodist Jim said...

Not sure that the first one is a conspiracy, really. Just bullying & power politics. Right? (Doesn't mean its a good thing, just not really a conspiracy.)

And, I would ask Mr. I-Told-You-So (if I knew him) what he would have had W do? Nominate someone with a proven track record of which he approved and have that candidate rejected by the Senate? Again, and again? How many times? What would you have had him do?

Anonymous said...

Remember how the Republican Party fawned over President Bush as their "anti-abortion man?" All Catholics were supposed to vote for him because he supposedly was next to God in his reverence for all life?
Remember how his first nomination to the Supreme Court was Harriet Miers - who was pro-abortion?
Remember how "W" was handed a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and 7 of his 9 Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans?

Thankfully, they jumped right on it and overturned Roe v Wade.

Wait. Really? They didn't?
But they invaded a foreign country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11? And then they turned the budget surplus into massive tax breaks for the wealthy, at the future cost of $23,000 for every man, woman and child in America?

And yet, people still think he had any intention whatsoever of overturning Roe v Wade? He accomplished his goals - the Neocons and billionaires partied, and America is so much better. Oh wait ...