14 July 2012

Black Is White. Up Is Down. Popes John Paul I and Paul VI to Be Beatified???

Paul VI. Paul VI?!? Paul VI?? Paul VI!!!!!???!!!

Oh, and JPI while we're at it.

The flagship of the N.O. "conservative", the National Catholic Register, has the story in full. Some excerpts:

ROME, Italy — A former head of the Vatican’s congregation on saints’ causes said Pope Benedict XVI could beatify his predecessors Pope John Paul I and Pope Paul VI during the upcoming Year of Faith.


After the beatification of John Paul II in May of 2011, Pope Benedict’s possible beatifications of John Paul I and Paul VI would be the first time in history that a Pope has beatified three of his predecessors.

Pope Benedict’s Year of Faith is slated to begin on Oct. 11 and will serve to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.


The miracle attributed to the Servant of God Paul VI — who made Joseph Ratzinger a cardinal — is the healing of a baby inside its mother’s womb.


servo said...

Another appropriate video-


Peggy R said...

I admit I don't know what recommends JP1 for sainthood, but Paul VI gave us the very important Humanae Vitae. The progressives hate him for that. They LOVE John XXIII, however, the 'father' of the V2 council and as far as they're concerned, the novus ordo. They don't credit Paul Vi with much beyond the despised HV. Paul VI may not be a bad choice.

On another point, I am not sure if it bodes well for popes to routinely become considered for sainthood.

Anonymous said...

I, among a host of others, would like to see the cause of Abp. Lefebvre pressed forward towards beatification ... but as you say, up is down and black is white. Maybe when the is house swept and put in better order.

Rick Larsen said...

I do not understand the big rush these days to canonize modern figures. I am not saying that Paul VI or JPI don't deserve sainthood. Perhaps they do. But what is wrong with waiting 3 or 4generations after their deaths to start their cause. The Church has, for the most part, wisely waited a long time before considering sainthood.

Alison said...

When a saint is beatified is that a dogmatic act. I have asked this in multiple catechism classes including those of the SSPX, FSSP and Opus Dei and really never received a very satisfactory answer.

servo said...

Well, in the old days theologians tended to believe canonizations were infallible acts, but then again, they had a decent process backing it up. Canonizing JPII would make me lean considerably the other way.

For Paul VI, we're going to hear the usual spin we did with JPII, 'it's about his sanctity, not how he governed.' Well, governing is an act, and certainly a moral act, so...(side note- and I thought JPII was like the greatest Pope since Peter? Talk about pulling the rug out from under yourself).

We're not talking about well-meaning bungling from somebody in over their head, like (maybe) Celestine V. This is the New Mass, Assisi I-II, the Communion in the Hand cavein, altar girls, etc...things that have directly harmed the faith. Doesn't mean they were evil or in hell, but were they terribly wrong and disastrous for the Church? I'm afraid so.

Alexander said...

When a saint is beatified is that a dogmatic act.

No, beatification is not dogmatic/infallible.

Alison said...

Alexcander, do you have a source for your verdict on this? Thanks.

Aged parent said...

It is only the last, final step, that of actual canonization, that is considered a "second class infallible declaration." You can find this discussed in Denziger and the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia (now online).

However, as one poster pointed out, those were the days when the process had far more interity than it does today. John Paul II created a sort of Saint Factory during his troubled pontificate which, if nothing else, cheapened the entire process. And many of the safeguards the Church had in place were jettisoned. This papal recklessness has cast a cloud over the whole business.

The causes for Paul, John XXIII, JP1 and JP2 are, to put it charitably, premature. It took them nearly 400 years to canonize Joan of Arc; I think they can wait at least that long for those mentioned above.

Alison said...

Thanks Aged Parent. I truly appreciate your answer. It was very kind of you to educate me.

doughboy said...

you cannot be holier than the Church.

servo said...

But you can be right if you criticize the men running the Church who do dumb things.