26 July 2012

Tradition for Tomorrow's New Site

I have been greatly remiss in posting on this, but the website for the restoration of St. Francis de Sales Oratory, Tradition for Tomorrow, has undergone a beautiful redesign.  

Check out the new blog for ongoing updates.  Lots of good information on the restoration effort, and a virtual tour of this stunning Church, too.

The image above is taken from the site-- a photo of the homeschool co-op's All Saints Day party, where the children are dressed up as their favorite saints.  Very cute, though you'll forgive me for thinking that four of the children are just slightly cuter than the rest.  

A group like that gives us hope that there will indeed, God willing, be Catholic Tradition for many more tomorrows.

1 comment:

Mother Crab said...

Since I took that photo I think I can say that three of the children in that photo may be slightly cuter than others. Those other 4 are cute, of course, too. ;)