24 August 2012

Buchanan on the GOP's Akin Panic

Article here.


Peggy R said...

I agree. I think the GOP does know Alinsky tactics pretty darned well. I listen to local STL radio stations, including national shows, and hear much support for Akin from MO callers--mostly women!--contrary to national GOP and tea party leaders. Dana Loesch is the local exception. Leads me to believe the tea party will throw over social conservatives as much as RINOs will. Rush was the exception, hedging that he did not want to tell Akin to go. (Yes, Huckabee has been 100% behind Akin. I'm not a Huck fan.)

Shame on the GOP and tea partiers.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for reasonable bishops! http://www.americamagazine.org/content/article.cfm?article_id=13529&comments=1#readcomments

Catholics should never feel compelled to vote for one party because of narrow ideology. That's not being Catholic.


LMG said...

The National Catholic Register? Loved the article, "In Praise of Radical Feminism!" Didn't see the article you mentoned but sure it is great too. Don't want to waste my dinner.