16 August 2012

Meatless Friday Thursday, Cesspool Edition

Ecuador grants a certain person political asylum:  http://www[dot]bbc[dot]co[dot]uk/news/uk-19281492  

This has earned Ecuador the wrath of the "free" nations of the West.  

Recall, Sweden wants him extradited from the UK, where he now is, on a dubious sexual assault charge.  He has been hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London-- hence the asylum application, now granted.  

The UK has threatened to revoke Ecuador's Embassy in London of its status and will just go in and arrest this guy.  Watch for every bought and paid for analyst in this country to tell you why that is so much different from the Iranians violating our embassy's sovereign territory in 1979.  After all, this guy embarrassed the United States.

Ecuador should be nervous.  We might bring democracy to their country, too.

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c.rook said...

Thanks for making that point! They will do what they want regardless of the law.

Jane Chantal said...

The latest I've heard is that the Ecuadoran Embassy has been told that it is welcome to shelter Assange for as long as it cares to. Ecuador has also been told that Assange will not be permitted to leave Britain.

Works for me.