07 August 2012

Prepared Text of Archbishop Carlson's Address to the LCWR

From the Review, as is the above photo:

Sr. Suzanne, I would like to thank you for your introduction. It has been a great pleasure to work with Sister Suzanne the past three years and I am grateful for her leadership at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services, especially our outreach to the elderly poor and those in need of housing.

As Archbishop of St. Louis, I am fortunate to work with a large number of religious communities. These are dedicated individuals who minister and serve every day in this archdiocese. In addition to the traditional ministry of teaching and medical care, women and men in consecrated life work with the civic community and the business community in serving those in need no matter what the challenge.

Religious are present to the poor at the St Patrick Center dealing with the homeless, in counseling the troubled, feeding the hungry, assisting the deaf, and working with St Vincent de Paul and Catholic charities — the list is endless.
Some of my fondest and earliest memories relate to the education I received from the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet and the Dominican Sisters in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. For the past two years I have worked closely with representatives of CMSM, LCWR and CMSWR in my responsibility as Chairperson of the USCCB committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations.

I realize this is a most important meeting for you and I pray that the dialogue between the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and LCWR is not politicized but worked out within a community of faith. I assure you of my prayers and the prayers of everyone in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and I ask for the intercession of St Rose Philippine Duchene, a pioneering religious woman who opened the first school for young women west of the Mississippi in 1818.


Neville Chamberlain said...

"I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And now I recommend you to go home and sleep quietly in your beds."

Forward-Slash_S said...

Milquetoast. As ineffectual as water on a grease fire.


Ken C said...

This is worse than I expected. He also went off-script and compared the dispute to SS. Peter and Paul at the Council of Jerusalem. Comparing the LCWR to either of these apostles is more than generous.

Anonymous said...

I guess the LCWR won't have to sign a Doctrinal Preamble?

- Christophe

Anonymous said...

So, this is why SNAP is there protesting....so sad, such a train wreck.


StGuyFawkes said...

Everyone should take a look at the sympathetic account given of the LCWR in "The National Catholic Reporter" (or the National Catholic Distorter, as I call it).


Sr. Chitistter is given high prominence in her reflections on the current dilemma which spurred her to produce some notes to herself written in 1980!

Her commentary shows that this problem has been going on for a long, long time.

Moreover it gives a glimpse of the sort of heresy in which these sisters are swallowed up.

Sr. Chittister tells us that 30 plus years ago she had reflected thusly on the conflict between doctrinal obedience and "the awakening of female consciousness":

“Once you have a consciousness of new order of creaturehood … continually suppressing that for the sake of institutional or organization fragility… is extremely oppressive.”

I have offered in other places the suggestion that this "new order of creaturehood" is the dream of self-creation found in every variant of the old Gnostic heresy which claims to make humans become like gods.

She'll mask this as saying the "new order of creaturehood" is only what St. Paul meant, but if you follow the results the "New Creatures" are people who have begun to think of themselves as "prophetic" and all-seeing.

Be careful! The gnostics were adept at mimicking the language of the bible and the great theologians as a form of protective covering. That's what we will see here.

Eventually, these sisters really will end up going out onto the desert to await the spaceships.

The big question is can we stop them? Should we?

St. Guy

Forward-Slash_S said...

@ Christophe - spot on! At least I know what I'm getting at the Society or the Institute ... Catholicism in the raw and not a dubious amalgamation.

Enough of this milquetoast wispiness. Where have all our manly, courageous Priests gone off to?


Jane Chantal said...

Even though I wasn't optimistic, I can't help being stunned by His Excellency's seeming abdication of his responsibility both to the women he was addressing, and to the faithful of the Archdiocese. I just don't understand it. Why is there no leadership at such a time? What are our shepherds afraid of? Are they afraid that these women will publicly disprespect the Church? Too late! Are they afraid that these women will self-servingly portray themselves as the standard-bearers of virtue, while portraying faithful shepherds of the Church as the standard-bearers of oppression? Too late! The LCWR is insolently and gleefully turning the knife...and I am wondering if the thing our leaders are afraid of is the hemorrhaging that might occur if the knife is pulled out -- i.e., a diminishment or cessation of some of the services these women offer to poor and disadvantaged persons.

Well, I think that if faithful Catholics were called upon to help good Catholic charitable institutions to step in and take over where needed, we just might see something pretty wonderful occur.

Regardless, healing will not take place until the knife is pulled out -- and our beautiful Church is crying for someone to please, please pull it out.

Latinmassgirl said...

Revelations 3:16 So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...


Ken C said...

This reminds me of when Fr. Corapi left his order and vowed to come back as a different person, though fighting the same fight as a black sheepdog. I wondered what he would wear in his videos. Dark suit? Black turtleneck? Nope. It was a Harley Davidson leather jacket.

Anonymous said...

You all need to get a grip. You aren't THE church, just a part of it.

Forward-Slash_S said...

@16:17 ... pretty square of the blog owner to give you voice, seeing that a name/pseudonym is required.

You're right ... none here will say 'We Are Church', lest we lose our grip.


thetimman said...


You're right. I shouldn't have posted it. Got all caught up in the dialogue. No more.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen,
While I very much appreciate this readership's zeal for a strong Catholicsim to face the rapid secularization of our culture, I cannot help but notice the irony of criticizing the Archbishop for insufficient courage...via web postings using pseudonyms. If we have suggestions on how the Archbishop can advance a strong Church, but in a way that will mitigate knee-jerk reactions against it, then write them up and send them to him. I have written him several times, and he always graciously replies.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

Hootiecootie said...

I miss my keyboard to respond adequately.

Thank you again for providing an excellent arena for dialogue.

Anonymous said...

As the nuns are treated so are the women in the church. Is this the legacy that we want to pass on to our daughters and our sons? Hiding behind their priestly skirts in order to deny women a leadership role in the church in order to exercise control without accountability. Women should be at the table. I feel that it is not that way in heaven, sol why here on earth

Jane Chantal said...

Anonymous at 9:46,

The nuns in question have been treated with enormous charity and forebearance. Meanwhile, they have been mistreating every Catholic by abusing their status as Catholic religious sisters.