06 August 2012

Social Injustice: LCWR Uses the Poor as Human Shields

STLToday has a story today about the upcoming Annual Assembly of those most defiant of heretics, the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR).

The LCWR employs newspeak worthy of Orwell, assisted gladly by the Post-Dispatch. Check out this sublimely banal excerpt to which I will add emphases and comments:


Since the Vatican report was released in April, the rift has resonated with some American Catholics who feel (we're a nation of "feelers", who can't "feel" compassion for the most innocent lives these sisters are willing to sacrifice to Moloch) bishops have become too focused on gay marriage and abortion. Many took issue with the Vatican report that denounced the sisters' group — which represents nuns who work with the poor and sick (they're soooooo good)— for being 'silent on the right to life from conception to natural death" and for leaving "the Church's biblical view of family life and human sexuality" off its "agenda.". How dare they!

"You see a difference in the theology (to the extent anyone cares, the difference is between a Catholic theology and an heretical one) of the sisters who are on the margins, who live with the people, whose theology is informed by the work they do," said Jennifer Reyes Lay, program coordinator for the St. Louis-based Catholic Action Network. CAN actively promotes the heresy of women's priestly ordination (which is literally impossible, btw). "And then the theology of people who hold positions in the hierarchy who aren't as connected to people and who can maintain black and white guidelines. It gets messier when you're on the ground. So, if some babies have to be murdered in order to expand government benefits, too bad. We can't be "too focused" on not killing them.


Hey, Ladies, stop blaming the poor you claim to serve for supporting the killers of their children.


Cathy D said...

I started to read this after breakfast this morning, but I just couldn't finish the article. It was just too much....

StGuyFawkes said...

I think the LCWR will drag this out as long as they can and in effect play for time during which interregnum they will deftly manage their public relations campaign against the Church.

It will all come to no good.

Here's my prediction as to how it will finally shake out:

1.) The LCWR's resolution coming out of the conference will be to appoint a committee to draft a response and refutation of the CDF's Doctrinal assessment.

The LCWR's response, entitled "Prophetic Dis-Obedience" or "Here We Stand", will number three hundred or so pages.

The document will knock everyone in the Roman City state insensible with the sheer power of its concentrated vagueness.

2.) In the meantime Bishops Sartain and Blair, not to mention the Vatican congregations, will grow impatient with the endless claims that they, the hierarchy, are "out of touch."

Thus, they will decide to "reach out and touch someone" by excommunicating five or ten of the more notorious root powderers, harmonic convergence mystics, and same-sex groupies.

3.) The whole conflict between the Vatican and the LCWR, will go into high dudgeon for ten years after which time most of the current members of the LCWR will have either died or decided to marry each other in private ceremonies on a beach in Florida.

The celebrations of marriage -- in some cases they will include ordination and re-baptism -- will be encumbered by the need for more photographers than can be found in America. Why? Some of these marriages will be group marriages, others will be open marriages and some will be "open-group marriages" creating a whole new kind of Facebook page.

That's my prediction.

By the way did anybody here see Marek Bozek at the Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Serb-Fest last weekend? What about those gross sandals covering his socks?

Is it true he was looking for a Bishop to incardinate him?

St. Guy

Anonymous said...

"... which represents nuns who work with the poor and sick (they're soooooo good)"

Wow, Timman, another Olympic gold for stooping to a new personal low - congrats!

Wondering how much longer it'll be before you start ripping on Jesus Christ Himself for holding closest to his heart the poor, the disenfranchised, the sick, the lame, the blind. "He's sooooooo good." If you think about it, Jesus never talked about abortion, and didn't reprioritize everything in His life into the most serious of sins, the purely pelvic issues, which apparently are the only moral issues on your planet.

thetimman said...


A new low? Cool!

Of course, Jesus did also say that if you loved Him you would keep His commandments.

And, in saving the woman caught in adultery He did in fact tell her to "go and sin no more." So, just maybe, "pelvic issues" are part of the Gospel, too.

P.S., He said He was God, too. Think that one over.

Anonymous said...


Mean spirited snarkiness doesn't become you.