08 August 2012

The Essential Question for the LCWR Ladies

For all their talk about "discerning" their response to the "crackdown" by the Vatican, it really boils down to this:

"Should we convert to the Catholic Faith before we die?"

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but that is the reality.

We are all going to die. The Catholic Church is the sole means of salvation.*

I'm not predicting when they, or I, or you, or anyone are going to face the particular judgement. None of us are promised another day. That truth being said, when the formerly great religious orders these ladies represent have dwindled to a mere fraction of their former numbers, and when the average age of those left is pushing 70, it doesn't take an actuary to know which way the wind blows.

Will they return to the Catholic Faith before it's too late?

Judging by worldly standards, there are plenty of reasons not to do so. It's not like the Church has lately been rolling with great popularity from victory to victory. And it's not like the Church's own pastors show great confidence in Her either. Certainly there aren't many of them who have shown an interest in calling the sisters to conversion. And the history of the last five decades shows that those within these orders who struggled to keep the Catholic Faith were essentially left to their own devices by the leaders of the Church they loved.

And as long as the LCWR orders are solidly in the camp of the left wing of the political world, ready to undermine the interests of the Church by giving political cover to those who hate Her, they will receive full protection from the media and their fellow travelers in the Church. They will have full and free reign to continue to agitate for socialism politically, and to embrace whatever heresy floats their collective boat. They will be cheered as they continue to support government programs that violate the Natural Law, kill the most innocent, and undermine the very fabric of society. They can just go on wearing their comfortable shoes, linking arms in front of nuclear power plants, supporting sodomitical "unions", and living in their tidy apartments.

And, returning to demographic considerations, they can enjoy the benefits of the gravely immoral "healthcare" system they helped foist on the rest of us, over the bodies of the unborn and at the cost of the liberty of the Church. For you see, as their numbers dwindle and age, they would have faced a real difficulty in providing care for their sisters.

Spiritually healthy orders attract new and younger members. Catholic Charity provides for the care of their elders. But spiritually dead orders just die. And when I said that these ladies would "enjoy" the benefits of nationalized medicine, I should clarify that euthanasia for their aged and dying by a government that denies God is the last such "benefit" reaped.

The alternative is to return to the Catholic Faith, regardless of the cost.

It requires humility. But the comments made by LCWR leaders doesn't seem to exhibit any. Have you read any comment where they say anything remotely close to even this: "Though we don't agree on everything the Vatican said in its assessment, it does raise some valid points that we need to take to heart."?

No. All you hear of compromise or dialogue is geared toward trying to get the Church to change Her teachings to match their agenda, or at least to be left alone to feed on the Church's carcass. Real dialogue does not interest them. It implies they might change. No, the "dialogue" we see just fuels their dissent. If you give them anything, it is dialogue. If you ask anything, it is not dialogue-- they call it a crackdown. And then they ignore it, to the delight of the enemies of the Catholic Faith, both within and without the Church's visible structure.

So, no doubt, while these ladies live they can embrace heresy and easily win the political battle with a politically clueless Church. They are the ones who make it political, because politics is what they do, and without the faith it is all they have.

The alternative is to convert to Christ's Church.

Which will it be, ladies?

*(I'll skip the parsing and nuancing of this statement for another post).


Anonymous said...

This is an accurate and honest summary of the situation involving LCWR. What I am hoping for is what the Vatican hopes for: A death-bed conversion on the part of LCWR.
I am a voice in the minority of an apostolic congregation of women religious. LCWR reigns supreme in the hallowed corridors of our foundress and some sisters are living a silent martyrdom as nuns in radically feminist orders. Please pray for us, too, not JUST for LCWR. Thank you. I love Holy Mother Church as much as you do. Thank you for writing this excellent article.


Sister Mary Grassroots

thetimman said...

Dear Sister,

Wow, I'm humbled. Thanks!

You are in my prayers. Please pray for me.

Rae said...

You've hit the nail on the head!

What's puzzled me about the LCWR's angry response is that they seem to argue that spreading a pro-life message would somehow detract from their social justice efforts. And I don't see the inherent contradiction... Surely one can care for the needy without advocating abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.

I can only conclude that they just don't WANT to uphold Church teachings!! Meanwhile, the media (naturally) is creating this narrative of female victimization....

doughboy said...

"If you give them anything, it is dialogue. If you ask anything, it is not dialogue-- they call it a crackdown. And then they ignore it, to the delight of the enemies of the Catholic Faith, both within and without the Church's visible structure."

BINGO. same can be said for the gay lobby.

StGuyFawkes said...


Finally a photograph says everything about what is at stake in the CDF's problem with the LCWR.

The St. Louis Review has published a photograph of the LCWR nuns welcoming New Age Gnostic Barbara Hubbard with a dance.


The sisters are wearing hideously orange-sherbet colored gowns and they look exactly like bridesmaids at a B-movie star wedding on a beach circa 1966.

This is scary stuff.

St. Guy

Long-Skirts said...

Superb post Timman!!


The Good News is…
In fear and joy
That apprentices are
Still altar boys.

And Tabernacles on
Sacrificial altar
Rebound the sounds
Of David’s Psalter.

The entire year
Our missals hold
Celebrating cerebrally
The new and the old.

Sarcophagus seasons
Of abstinence and fast
Absolves the flesh
Buries sins past.

And liturgy’s vernacular
Constantly feigned
Pales ‘fore Precambrian
Death’s Latin had reigned.

For truth nails eternal
In Catholicity
Through minutes of centuries’

(and by medocrity I do mean the LCWR)

Bill said...

Thank you for a post full of genuine charity instead of the scandalous ecumenical religious indifferentism.

jac said...

Be patient. All these arrogant ageing ladies will all have disappeared in two decades.
The number of nuns in the US will be harshly reduced but let's hope that the lethal effects of the purported "spirit of the council" will have vanished and a new generation of younger, obedient and more pious and fervent nuns will replace them.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher at Madonna College used to tell us, "clear, conscise and correct." That accurately describes your assessment.

Sr.M. Therese

Hootiecootie said...

Absolutely CORRECT!

The only thing to add would be a comment to jac. Yes, these ageing ladies will be gone but their legacy among the "faithful" has left an indelible mark of heresy and schism within the church. They have led MANY astray. That is the very sad part or this situation.