10 August 2012

The LCWR's Strategy No Surprise: Dialonger

As in, keep "dialoguing" longer, and just continue to do what it wants. Or, if you want a metaphor, hide in the corner under some coats and hope the bishops just go away.

The Review has a more in-depth piece, and has remarks from the outgoing head of the LCWR, including this excerpt that cuts to the chase:

"What would a prophetic voice to the doctrinal assessment look like?" asked Sister Pat. "I think it would be humble, but not submissive; [SLC Note: Boom. There is where I check out. Submission to a Doctrinal assessment of the Holy Catholic Church's Doctrinal authority requires an attitude of submission. That is the only attitude a Catholic can have. Real dialogue, where, in an an attitude of submission, the group asks questions and requests clarification so there may be understanding-- that I get. But that isn't what they mean. The rest of the quote is more of their typical psychotheologicobabble:] rooted in a solid sense of ourselves, but not self righteous; truthful, but gentle and absolutely fearless," she said. "It would ask probing questions. Are we being invited to some appropriate pruning, and would we be open to it? ... Does the institutional legitimacy of canonical recognition empower us to live prophetically? Does it allow us the freedom to question with informed consciences?"

In case you doubt my shorthand take on what these ladies mean by dialogue, or are just a glutton for punishment, read this story where Jennifer Brinker was forced to: 1) endure listening to an LCWR sister drone on about it; and, 2) write it all down.


Sorrowfulmother said...

What do they mean by "prophetically"? I am not sure she used the word properly.

StGuyFawkes said...

These poor lost souls have painted themselves into such a corner and it's hard to believe that they will ever get out. Since the LCWR insists on controlling the dialogue and insists on starting with a discussion of how THEY view religious life, then perhaps the best way to start the conversation is to ask just what the heck to they mean by saying their religious life is "prophetic."

How is it they have come to the idea that they are all Isaiahs and Jeremiahs?

That goes to the core of the issue. It's their vanity. It's not enough that they have problems of conscience they have to be really big about it. Comparing themselves to Martin Luther King isn't enough they have to be Isaiah.

Does anyone get the feeling that these women are angry for getting small parts in the senior musical?

God help us all.

Elizabeth said...

Ladies, ladies, the Episcopalians in America would be glad to have you. You clearly don't belong to the Catholic Faith anymore.

Jane Chantal said...

Having some familiarity with the trajectory of liberal Protestantism in recent years, I can add that the sickening, grossly self-serving misuse of the word "prophetic" is commonplace in that shere as well. In fact, I see no difference between the mindset of the LCWR leadership and that of the most liberal Protestant denominations.

StGuyFawkes said...

I am so glad that so many STLCath readers have puzzled over the LCWR's abuse of the word "prophetic."

Strange as it seems the term makes sense in a sort of way.

How does it make sense?

The main complaint of nun-theai-logy is that sister-women -- and the green earth which they protect -- have suffered the injustice of having no canonical power to match a bishop's.

If this is true then the obvious remedy is to assert that the dissenting sisters are not dissenting at all but rather light beams emitting "prophecies."

That squares everything and allows the sisters to imagine themselves as having parity with their episcopal counterparts.

Of course this asks "What is the meaning and theology of "prophecy" in the Catholic Church and and are the sisters' prophesies consistent with Catholic teaching on prophesy?"

Probably not.

The nub of the issue is as Sister Farrell put it. The LCWR wants recognition of themselves as equals to the bishops in the exercise of power and authority. They want a promotion since they insist on themselves as a parallel magisterium wearing sensible shoes and Oliver Cromwell haircuts.

They do not recognize the Pope or his post-conciliar magisterium as being completely authoritative or valid.

In fact the LCWR may be the largest organization of sedevacantists in America!

Stop the presses.

horsehead717 said...

Well, they can't dialogue for too much longer. Judging by the photos, their average age must be north of 70.

doughboy said...

"How is it they have come to the idea that they are all Isaiahs and Jeremiahs?"

been wondering the same thing myself for a long time. they've made the word 'prophet' about as cliche as 'social justice.'