21 August 2012


...you are the Republican candidate to unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill, and...

...your biggest supporter is Claire McCaskill...

...you've had a tough week.


Anonymous said...

Republicans do themselves no favors when they let their true selves out into the light.

Jane Chantal said...

Unfortunately, it is individuals such as Mr. Akin who provide opportunities for individuals such as Anonymnous at 9:17 to make bigoted comments about Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone provide some 'good' advice on this situation? Akin is in my voting district. Before the primary he had at least one good decent competitor for rep. seat, but I could greatly appreciate some expansion into this from a catholic perspective and not the StlToday 'push to see him resign' perspectove. Thanks!

Jane Chantal said...

Jeff, I think a Catholic has to objectively evaluate candidates on the basis of which of them seems to have the greater will to do good (as Catholic moral teaching views good) vs. which of them seems to have the greater will to do harm (as Catholic moral teaching views harm).

I'm in Illinois, so I don't have to make the choice you are looking at. I hope that a strong replacement for Akin might be found. But at the end of the day, would I change my vote on the basis on one asinine comment from a candidate who, even though he clearly hasn't thought deeply enough about the nature of rape, has evidently thought more deeply about the nature of abortion than has his opponent?

x said...

If you vote you cant complain.

Anonymous said...

Jane: what is your support for making this outrageous statement?:

"on the basis on one asinine comment from a candidate who, even though he clearly hasn't thought deeply enough about the nature of rape,...."

Please quote him directly and tell me how those words show all of that. Thank you.

Jane Chantal said...

Anonymous at 14:33:

I stand by what I have said.

Akin’s comment was: "It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that's really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”. The comment is asinine because of its problematical use of the word “legitimate”. I think that Mr. Akin meant “actual rape” – but unfortunately, he used a different word which anyone could have predicted would create a firestorm.

His choice of that word suggests to me (although apparently not to you) that he has not given as much thought to the nature of rape as he has to the nature of abortion, a violation of the human body to which I am guessing he would never, under any circumstances, think of applying the word “legitimate”.

That this incident has damaged Akin’s chances of defeating McCaskill is not something I am happy about, believe me. He has issued a very heartfelt and cogent apology which, sadly, will probably do him no good at this point.

Peggy R said...

This is the first issue that the tea party grass roots and the RNC establishment agree on.

Akin's comments were stupid. The GOP let this get magnified too much. The establishment wasted no time denying him. Pretty harsh, I'd say. But, the reality is that this makes great commercials for Claire (Claire Bear some tea party blogs call her) and the DNC against Akin and Romney.

If he stays in pro-lifers must support him!

Anonymous said...

Todd Akin's ultimate conclusion was correct, although his biology was off. Rape does not justify abortion. I'm no politician, and I greatly admire those politicians who can keep absolute control of their thoughts and tongues when put to the test. The Republican lesdership way overreacted, and it is discouraging that they felt the need to do so.

In the future, though, perhaps some points can be made by Mr. Akin and other pro-life candidates that would better answer the question. I'll throw out two approaches:

1. Why should an innocent baby die for the crime of his or her father? Would the questioner be in favor of capital punishment for the rapist? If not, then why for the baby? If so, that is because the rapist is guilty of a crime--of what crime is the baby guilty?

2. The question is purely hypothetical. Let's get real. Our society is so far from considering any law that puts this kind of restriction on abortion that it is a waste of time to discuss it. What we should discuss is why Claire McCaskill is for abortions in cases of [name about any situation, because I don't know of any situation where she would restrict abortions] -- that's the real question, not abortion because of rape.

Jim Cole

Anonymous said...

@Jane said: The comment is asinine because of its problematical use of the word “legitimate”.

The fourth meaning of legitimate is " Authentic; genuine: a legitimate complaint.". Keep calling him asinine. The more you do, the more asinine you look.


I dont see how is statement is even wrong, let alone rising to the level of asinine or something he should apologize for.

P.s. the idea that the body has certain defenses to getting pregnant in a rape situation, so much so that it is rare ... is an idea that's been in wide currency in pro-life circles for decades. It is also a classic debating technique to "point out the straw man". The complaint about Akin boils down to, "He said something about rape. And he's a man. Shriek! And he's a conservative. Double shriek!"

p.p.s Conservatives love to jump on fellow conservatives every once in a while to make themselves feel more liberal. It is un-fraternal and most unfair.

Anonymous said...

@Jim Cole

Why would you say "although his biology was off" when these conclusions are readily available even now on many pro-life websites? The organized pro-life movement needs to get on their job and prune some of this science if it won't stand behind it. It also needs to make sure that lawmakers are up to date on all the research. Your "number two" is a dodge and to me, you look more ridiculous doing that than you do with Akin's remark, which was at least a good faith attempt to bring facts to bear, even if it's facts that the pro-life movement now wants to throw under a bus.

Anonymous said...

Obama: Akin 'somehow missed science class'.

(I figured that the blogmaster and some of the commenters would want to keep abreast of their fellow-chortlers)

Hootiecootie said...

The very, very disgraceful thing and the real issue here is RAPE. Whether a baby is conceived or not during this HEINOUS crime does not solve the problem. The woman is still FOREVER violated.

I am 100% pro-life. I have heard from women who have been raped and chose an abortion because they were encouraged to do so by the farce that it would help "repair" the damage. Many women then live with the shame and guilt of being both raped and realizing that they killed their own baby afterward.

The thing here is this:

The United States has the world’s highest rape rate of all countries that publish such data- 13 times higher than England and more than 20 times higher than Japan (12).

What is being done about all of that!?!?!?

Well, the government promotes and provides every tool imaginable to encourage this deviant behavior through sex ed classes and promoting contraception, etc. People have reduced themselves lower than animals. When you remove God and His commandments from relations such as this it becomes perverted. Even many animals pair for life. It is a form of pro-creation!

Has the right to contraception and abortion really helped these statistic or caused them to be worse?

You must deal with the victims of such crimes and there are 2: The mother and the child. Ask children that were conceived through rape. The ones that were allowed to live are very thankful there weren't two violent crimes.

Then the next question is just what in the ##@)$&#*# is being done about the @#&#*&$#(*&'s that rape other people? WHY DO WE HAVE STATISTICS LIKE THAT ANYWAY!!!!!!

The sexual revolution wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with, it now would it???????

I will continue to read your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

The "powers that be" want him out. and have from the beginning of the race. "DANFORTH and associates" are still planning on the fetal stem cell research center to be in MO and to use mucho MO tax monies for the research. Sauer (governor race) was also trying to get this info out...
For me the only issue ---despite an unfortunate misunderstanding of the word "legitimate" is what Lulli Akin said :Todd is 100% pro life and Claire is 100% pro death----what do YOU want VOTER?