08 August 2012

Worth a Thousand Words

Lisa Johnston of the Review has some of the most bizarre combat photos of the LCWR's batty New Age keynote speaker Barbara Marx Hubbard being processed in by a gaggle of sisters doing their thing.

I can't post the photos here, due to copyright formatting (unless Lisa wants to do a good deed), but trust me when I assure you that you Must. Click. On that link.

For a description, the National Catholic Register:

In the first open session, the featured speaker, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, was led through the assembly hall at the Millennium Hotel by several sisters who were waving orange scarves draped over their arms.

Once on the stage, the sisters moved in a circle around Hubbard as they raised and lowered the scarves and the assembly was asked to extend their hands in blessing while singing, “Spirit of vision, Spirit of life! Spirit of courage, be with her now! Wisdom and Truth be on her lips!”

I certainly hope that they were invoking a Supernatural, and not a Preternatural, Spirit. But I won't wager money on it.

So, what advice did ol' Barb give?

Again, from the Register:

“Almost all structures are top down,” Hubbard continued, giving the examples of nations, states, organized religions and corporations. “So what is needed today,” she continued, “is a radical reform of existing institutions from their top-down version.”

Let the dialogue continue!


Fr. Andrew said...

"A radical reform of existing institutions from their top-down version."


"Did God REALLY say that you couldn't eat of any of the fruit in the garden?"

Long-Skirts said...


Beware goddess green
Mother earth’s pagan queen
She’ll recycle man’s faith
Unto doubt.

They will question their existence
Contracept with persistence
If man does not wake…
He’s waked out!

JDD said...

"Very well, he (Frodo) answered aloud, lowering his sword. 'But still I am afraid. And yet, as you see, I will not touch the creature. For now that I see him, I do pity him."

-Frodo Baggins
From 'The Taming of Smeagol' The Lord of the Ring The Two Towers

X said...

LOL, they are all so old. This problem will resolve itself, soon. Later for you ladies and goodbye to all that, for the meek shall inherit the earth.

Unknown said...

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Karen said...

If this was the keynote address, maybe we don't have much to worry about. Who in the world could understand this gibberish???!!!


Karen said...

And I love how she keeps inventing words and admits she is inventing them. It would be funny if it wasn't so very sad. Let's pray for the continued growth of the traditional orders that are so joyful and in communion with the Magisterium.

Anonymous said...

There is very much so wrong with this behavior, but let's just put it all aside for a moment.
Ladies, you look ridiculous, act your ages. Banners,colors,speeches and flags, where do you think you are?


Anonymous said...

The creation of new words "neologisms" is associated w/ schizophrenia in the practice of medicine.


Long-Skirts said...

X said:

"This problem will resolve itself.... Later for you ladies and goodbye to all that, for the meek shall inherit the earth."

True, they're a dying breed but that's what they want, death. In the meantime true Catholics must build up a Catholic Culture, especially true Catholic schools where the religious and priestly vocations are coming from....convents, seminaries, etc.,we have to let the Fruits of the true Mass procreate so there are true religious to lead the next generations in the Faith and not just let these bad Orders die out, we must birthe!!

Forward-Slash_S said...

Right there on Page 4 of the Review.

Like Mr. Dreher mentions in the article he penned that Karen linked to:

"The poor pope, bless his heart, is trying to save these American kooks from themselves, and is getting nothing but grief for it. Nuns who actually take a screwball like Barbara Marx Hubbard seriously are to be pitied, but the Vatican should just relax. I don’t think there’s any danger that they will be a threat to anybody in the future. Because they won’t be around ..."

'Any danger'? I'm not so sure. More than a memory, that nasty oil spot in the driveway remains long after the old clunker has been hauled off to the scrap yard.

It still amazes me that the Archbishop has given his support for this.