23 September 2012

If Mozart Played St. Louis, You'd See Him, Right?


Fenian said...

Wow. Ozzy Osbourne hasn't looked that good in years.

Just kidding.

Forward Slash S said...

Did you go? We didn't know they were in town until a couple hours before the concert? Not many more touring years left for these guys.


Mothercrab said...

Did you seriously just compare Rush to Mozart? Have you no civility, man?

So, did you talk duLac into going with you?

Anonymous said...

Wow, was that your view from the show? I always new you were a front row kind of guy.

I hope they keep touring long enough for my kids to see them in concert.


Methodist Jim said...

Ralph Mozart?

thetimman said...

I have seen Rush at least ten times, but unfortunately my plan for this one fell through and I am left to envy Jennifer Brinker who, as a woman Rush fan, shows her worthiness a la Proverbs 31.

To all scoffers: scoff away.

Anonymous said...

Ever since they ditched the opening act (Primus opened for them on the Counterparts tour, if my memory serves right ... It was awful!) my respect for RUSH has multiplied. They're possibly one of the hardest working, but least respected bands out there. Not many acts can put on a three-hour show and sound good from start to finish. Every time I leave a show, I say it was the best ever.


Anonymous said...

Geddy Lee looks more and more like Bob Dylan every day. That explains a lot.


Proud SLPS Parent

P.S. No, Timman, you know that isn't a compliment.

servo said...

Too bad they're wasting some of the concert time on Crockwork Angels. They tried out BU2B on us last time around and it's in the running with Imagine for Lame Whiny Song of All Time status.