06 September 2012

Pray for Bishop Finn

I couldn't say it any better than do the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Bishop Finn's trial is set for today. The deplorable Kansas City Star has the story

Update:  Not surprisingly, His Excellency was found guilty of one misdemeanor count of "failing to report", but was found not guilty of the another such count.  Two year probation, sentence suspended.  The deplorable Kansas City Star has the story.


Anonymous said...

Pray that justice is served, you mean?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Just a couple years of probation, and suspended at that. A little jail time would've sent a stronger message and perhaps served as the long-awaited wake-up call this church's hierarchy desperately needs. Don't you all agree?


thetimman said...

Jeffery, it might send a better message if someone who actually was guilty of breaking a Constitutional statute was found guilty. This thing is a rigged deal from start to finish, as evidenced by the prosecutors dropping charges against the Diocese as soon as Bishop Finn was convicted.

It is a pogrom against an actually Catholic bishop. The message that was sent is that if you seek to exercise your Episcopal authority and stand for the Catholic faith, then those within and outside your Church will stop at nothing to get you.

Feel free to scoff.

Forward-Slash_S said...

Of course Clohesssy, the Jesse jackson equivalent, is right there on top of it all.

BTW - Jeffery, we are all in agreement about you.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Try to convince yourself all you want that he committed no crime, but Finn himself acknowledged that he was indeed a mandated reporter under Missouri law, with the duty to report suspicion of abuse. He admitted keeping the info from authorities for 5 months. A crime was committed. Just because he happens to fall on your side of the Vatican II demarcation line, doesn't mean he should be exempt from reporting pedophiles. If the circumstances had been the same but it was Weakland instead of Finn, you'd be crying foul at such a light sentence.


Shandon Belle said...

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God bless you!


Anonymous said...

On the contrary Jeffery we would be equally concerned that Civil authorities have elected to take unprecedented action against a Bishop of the Church.


TLMer said...

Another perspective: http://www.catholicleague.org/assessing-bishop-finns-guilt/

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm keeping Bishop Finn in my prayers - that he starts to "get it." Incredibly naive to pull Fr. Radigan aside and simply say "Don't do it anymore," and think that solved Radigan's serious psycho-social issues.

If my daughter attended a party where Radigan was, and I found out he was taking pictures under the table of her private areas, I'd be angry, to say the least, at Radigan AND Bishop Finn.

Priests are not above the law - nor sadly at times above their human nature.

Finaly, am I the only one who finds it difficult to write the word "Fr." in front of Radigan's name?

Sad in St. Lou