20 September 2012

What-Can-U-Sa? or, Can I Have My Money Back?

Ol' Chick Fil-A bows to Chicago business pressures and 1) decides not to fund pro-sanctity-of-marriage groups, and 2) issues a pablum-y statement to mollify homosexual agitprop groups.

Nothing surprises anymore.  And of course a business' first rule is to be profitable.  However, if this were the course of action, it would have been nice to make this public before convincing every marriage supporter and their brother to swell their coffers in the last couple of months.  No, take the money of the gullible citizen desperate for any effort to stand athwart the tide of the cesspool, THEN, change course and please the sodomites.  

Mark Twain is rightly chuckling at lots of us today.  He knew a rube when he saw one.


Elizabeth said...

Incredibly disappointing, and surprising.

Forward Slash S said...

Sort of reminiscent of the whole Orlando Gardens thing.

Nothing surprises in the Peoples Republic of Chicago, but it's surprising indeed to see this company roll over like it did. Voicing ones opinion about Traditional marriage, bringing out such hatred and threat that the company buckles. I guess in the end, money did talk. I'm sure I'm not the only one to feels duped, having stood in line in solidarity. Rube indeed.

But we Catholics don't have much room to talk ... just look to the USCCB for similar examples in play.


Hate Chicago Politics said...

Since it is Chicago, the land of lawless politics, we should not assume it was just for financial reasons that they bowed down. Everybody does remember what happened in California to businesses that supported pro-marriage right? Their lives were threatened. People vandalized their businesses which included total destruction in some cases. No patrons would dare go to any of these businesses. I have family in California, so heard it first hand.

Anonymous said...


This is mis-information from Chicago politicos. Chick-Fil-A changed nothing.

- STLAttorney