06 February 2013

Brave New Preschool

Reader, click on the link to this story at your own risk. I suggest that you wait one hour after eating.

If you have read Huxley's Brave New World, you will know that in his dystopian, planned future society, young children were encouraged to engage in "play" with other children that would violate the sixth and ninth Commandments, were they of the age of reason. This laid the groundwork for the control of the adult population through sensual pleasure and mind control.

Well, it seems that Los Angeles is home to a preschool where the children are acting in just this way.

I make no comment about the many situations where a parent literally may have no choice but to turn over the daily care of his child to strangers. But I will venture to say that if one does not absolutely have to do so, it would be wise to avoid it. What a world.

Good morning, everyone!


Jane Chantal said...

Tragically, this is not the only such story to have cropped up in recent years. In all such incidents, the elephant in the living room, usually unremarked-upon by the [either deluded or gutless] adults in the equation, is the perverted nature of the behavior being imitated by these children. The children’s actions reflect a grotesque, relentless, vicious cultural campaign to misrepresent sodomy as an expression of normal impulses. Boys and girls, men and women who lack self-love and are desperate to feel loved, have been victimized by it to an extent that probably never will be fully publicly acknowledged because anyone -- particularly any female -- publicly protesting it is liable immediately to become the focus of a deeply unpleasant and frightening kind of attention.

So, influenced by what they see and hear on television, online, and from older children and from adults, younger and younger children are being affected by it, we are repeatedly appalled by these incidents, but each time we shrink from mustering the courage and the honesty and the guts to outspokenly, unapologetically and unrelentingly defy the enemies of healthy sexuality. Now we have reached a point at which anyone protesting the misrepresentation of sodomy as “normal” is accused of hate speech. God help these poor children whom we are abandoning to a sexual hell before they even enter puberty. And, God bless those few, brave adults who, in spite of much invective, derision and calumny heaped on them for doing so, have publicly persisted in trying to turn back the tide.

Unknown said...

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