22 February 2013

Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father

The former blogger at Kansas City Catholic sent me this item, so fitting on today's feast:

Please see message below. I was enlisted to set up this blog to create a spiritual bouquet for the departing Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. Please consider emailing others about it or linking to it if you have a blog. It was the idea of Father Richard McDonald of the Archdiocese of Kansas City and a few of his lay friends.


Blessed Greetings on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter!

Today with some fellow Catholics, we are launching on this great feast a web blog in response to Pope Benedict’s request at his last public homily on Ash Wednesday for a “special remembrance in prayer.” It is the chance for all who have appreciated his selfless life of service to Christ and to His Church to give back by way of a promise of prayer to him in whatever form the person desires. We hope to have the spiritual bouquet personally presented to him on Feb. 28 before he leaves the Chair of St. Peter vacant.

The website is http://prayersforbenedictxvi.blogspot.com/

We wish you to be a part of this worthy project to give back to His Holiness a bit of what he has so humbly asked of us.

God bless you!