22 October 2013

Holy Rosary According to the Sarum Use

For October, if you wish a different approach to your Rosary meditations, you might like this. I quote the description from Thesaurus Preces Latinae:

The prayer below was a popular form of the Rosary during the Middle Ages. Continuing on the theme of the previous section on the Rosary, the Rosary came in many forms before it was standardized in the late 16th century to the form we have today. The prayer below is a good example of these early forms. It first appeared in the Sarum Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the latter part of the Middle Ages. Instead of a meditation associated with each decade, meditations were assigned to each Ave. Each meditation draws from the Gospel accounts of the life and words of Jesus. In this regard it resembles the present day Scriptural Rosary, where a passage of Scripture is associated with each Ave.

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