29 October 2013

The Passion of the Christ Was Supposed to Incite Religious Bigotry and Persecution?


The Hollywood Reporter covers a new film that puts the blame for mass murder where the world thinks it belongs-- on Catholics.  I'm sure the public will rise up in indignation.

Have you read Lord of the World?  We might just be beginning to live it.


Anonymous said...

Lord of the World is a 1907 apocalyptic novel by Robert Hugh Benson. It is sometimes deemed one of the first modern dystopias. Michael D. O'Brien's Catholic apocalyptic series, Children of the Last Days follows a very similar theme as well. Essentially the novel imagines a socialist and humanist world where religion has been either suppressed or ignored. People have no history or hope so they often turn to euthanasia, which is legal. Further there is a "one-world" government that uses Esperanto for its language and ultimately becomes a servant of the anti-Christ. In brief: The Catholic Church has been suppressed by the rest of the world, which has turned to the religion of Humanity modelled on that of Auguste Comte. (A scene in which the Antichrist leads a massed congregation in the worship of a nude female statue in St. Paul's Cathedral is a more decorous version of the worship of the Goddess of Reason in Notre Dame de Paris in 1793. Pope John XXIV has made an agreement with the Italian government: the Catholic Church can have all of Rome, while all other churches in Italy are surrendered to the government. The deposed royal houses of the world (including the Chinese imperial dynasty, who have converted to Catholicism) are now resident in Rome. Ireland still remains staunchly Catholic, with small enclaves all over the world. Westminster Cathedral is the only church in London that is still Catholic. The rest have become Freemasonic temples. The plot then follows the tale of a priest, Percy Franklin, who becomes Pope Silvester III, and an unknown man named Julian Felsenburgh (who is identical in looks to the priest) who becomes "Lord of the World"....

.....from the author Robert Hugh Benson......

Anonymous said...
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X said...

Dear God, don't even mention the name of that hack O'Brien in the same breath as Robert Hugh Benson. For myself I would much prefer the scenario of the Catholic Church in Lord of the World to the current situation. Benson envisioned a great falling away but never imagined a Church hollowed out by heresy and corruption from within such as we have now.

What you people don't understand about the Second World War is that there are two sides to this story. There's the Jewish side and then there's the..... oh, check that, there's only one side.

Anonymous said...

'Aftermath' Dares to Unearth Terrible Secrets of Poland's Lost Jews
6:23 PM PDT 10/28/2013 by Seth Abramovitch

Today, in the 21 century, where people are so bold and claim that there's a freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of defending 'truth'......is a 'lie' in itself, because, so many are paralyzed in fear......afraid of calling a 'lie' by it's name. The Jews......are the 'free', have every imaginable 'freedom'.......us Catholics, we are defenseless, because our post-Vatican II popes have failed to defend the persecuted Catholics. In Poland traditional Catholics have no voice, those who speak 'truth' against the Jews are condemned by none other, but neo-Catholics.......imitating the examples of the best Pope the Jews ever had.

I have spend half a day reading and listening to videos (in Polish), regarding the big 'lie' of Jedwabna. Who was really behind this terrible tragedy. Thank God we have a Father in Heaven......HE KNOWS, and that is all that matters.

One of the witnesses still alive, said it like this........'.before the war, the Poles and the Jews lived together in harmony in Jedwabna. We all went to school together, we all played together......until......the collaboration of the Jews with the enemy. Caesar is their 'idol'.

'Doing the occupation of Germans and then the Soviets, the Jews became very bold laughing and screaming at us........NO MORE POLAND! They used to say..........'Góra Nasi!......... 'a kto jest góra?.......Ci co rządzą! "The 'top' is ours!.....'who is the 'top'?.......'Those in power'!

It's a fact that......if, the Jew slapped the Pole, the Pole slapped him back (let there be no mistake, there were fights, true Poles, true Catholics are known to be fearless), of course,.......the Pole would be guilty, even today, the Jew accuses the Poles of anti-Semitism.

To get a better and true sense of warning of the Pope, the saints.......read:

Homilies Against the Jews
by Saint John Chrysostom
A Quo Primum, on Jews and Christians living in the same place........Pope Benedict XIV

Viva Cristo Rey!