30 October 2013

World Series Recap


Anonymous said...

It speaks to me. There may be something to this modern art after all.

Emmett McAuliffe said...

Taking a look at the Cardinals World Series roster, here are the ones who may be Catholic, at least ethnographically:

Martinez, Beltran, Mujica, Molina (Hispanic)
Kelly (Irish)
Descalso (Italian)
Kozma (Hungarian)
Wacha (Ruthenian/Slovak name .. Prob. Byzantine Catholic if not Polish)
Adams (just about everybody from a small town in western Pennsylvania is)

Jeannie Holler said...

When is SPRING TRAINING starting ?

All kidding aside thanks REDBIRDS for a great season .

thetimman said...

This was a drawing my little niece gave me some weeks ago. It's designed to be her and her dad. I was kind of worried because the niece character looks truly horrified by the father character. I mean to speak to my brother about it.


After last night, I noticed that the top figure looks a bit like Big Papi, David Ortiz. The horrified character? Every Cardinals pitcher.

Cathy D said...

It was an unhappy evening. But they did give us a great season. It was fun to watch... all except that last game.

Anonymous said...

It was a spectacular evening for all Boston Red Sox fans.

Sarah V