10 December 2013

What is the Plan Here?

I ask this with all due respect, but can someone read this story from The St. Louis Review and tell me what it means? I mean, I really don't get it, and I wonder if that isn't the point. It's like every PTA meeting I ever went to.

How the archdiocese is considering the Common Core standards

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Anonymous said...

Timman, let me translate for you:

eduspeak eduspeak eduspeak eduspeak eduspeak eduspeak

Hope that helps.


SLPS Parent

In all seriousness, I don't have a problem with the Archidiocese's seeming agnosticism over Common Core. As I understand Common Core, it's a set of educational standards that have some good, some bad, and a lot of other. Hyperventilating over it is Quixotic, because like all else in professional education, the constant need to justify the existence of education degree programs in academia will always generate some churn in standards and theories and best practices and published research questioning all that came before. Many state and federal tax dollars will be killed in the process.

Don't like Common Core? Don't worry, some other vaguely communist sounding named program will replace it in a few years. I'm betting on Path Forward For the Future Together (PFFT).