28 July 2014

Inveterávi inter omnes inimícos meos

A little while ago I received this helpful email from a member of our all-tolerant civil society:

I can't believe that such primitive fairy tales based beliefs still linger in the 21st century! You brainwashed Catholic imbeciles need to quit spreading your lies to manipulate your fellow brainwashed dimwits. You sheep need to focus on protecting innocent children from being raped by the numerous sick pedophile Catholic priests that you hinder from criminal prosecution! I as an atheist long for the day when adults that believe in your primitive fairy tales based dogma disappear from the earth as mankinds' collective intellect increases and turns away from your silly religion!!

Is that you, Charles Jaco? Or, judging from the citation to "mankinds' [sic] collective intellect increas[ing]," perhaps I have drawn the ire of a former Vatican II peritus.

Either way, thanks for the heads up! You might want to contact our boss:

1 comment:

Long-Skirts said...


Many a Convent
Where good sisters pray
Because of vocations
The True Mass each day

Many a school
Which we pay for in tears
But a Catholic culture
Allays all our fears

Retreats, Seminaries
For souls to discern
To hear Jesus call
"Come, it's your turn."

And then there's those prelates
Who stop and deter
Yet worse our own kind
Who ignore and defer

Preserving not
The Whole Truth inherited
Believing the liars
Who assert they've not merited

As souls still drown
In their waterless flood
I stick with the Credo
Signed in Priests' blood!