08 November 2014

A Couple of Completely Unrelated Quotes

If one does not believe in God, the only honest alternative is vulgar utilitarianism.

The rest is rhetoric.

Nicolás Gómez Dávila, Escolios a un Texto Implícito: Selección, p. 474*

The Pope, yesterday (with irony meter set to "off"):

According to Francis, we all run the risk of becoming “Christians in appearance.” We are tempted, he said, to mediocrity, and when Christians become mediocre, “it is their ruin, because the heart cools and they become lukewarm.” Francis reminded his hearers that Jesus used strong language to describe this sort of Christians: “Because you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of my mouth.” These, the Pope said, “are enemies of the cross of Christ. They take the name of Christian, but do not follow the requirements of the Christian life.”

The Pope suggested that there are questions we can ask ourselves to know what sort of Christians we are. He said that all of us—the Pope included—need to ask ourselves: “How much worldliness is in me? How much paganism?”

Even more specifically, the Pope asked: “Do I like to brag? Do I like money? Do I like my pride, my arrogance? Where are my roots, and where is my citizenship? In heaven or on earth?”

“If you love money and are attached to it, if you love vanity and pride, you are headed down a bad road,” he said. If, instead, he continued, “you try to love God and serve others, if you are gentle, if you are humble, if you are the servant of others, you are on the right path. Your citizenship is in heaven.”

*h/t Steve, link


Long-Skirts said...

"Ambiguity is the mark of the demonic" - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.


Some use vernacular
The next day Latin
Many charismatic
Some use a paten.

Then there are the ministers
Handing out Our Lord
So you can have your pick.

Liturgies diverse
Assembly on their feet
Holding hands in the air
Kneelers obsolete.

One Holy Catholic
Apostolic Church -
Good for some let others run
In circles as they search.

For we are all approved
Don't ever rock the boat --
Like those who open schools have classes
Teaching souls to float.

Saintly Thomas More
Could’ve had it all
Private Latin Masses
Behind a purpled wall.

But no - he chose the scaffold
Where truth and lie collide

Heads were cut --

Entrails gut -

Ambiguity couldn’t hide!

Scott Woltze said...

He might follow Socrates on the beginning of wisdom, "Know thyself."