26 February 2015

I Could Be Wrong, But...

...isn't this just a different way of saying, "Hey, don't bother us by pointing out that very few Catholics attend Mass at the typical Catholic parish."?  

It is a bit "audacious", no?


Long-Skirts said...

Whenever I see such words
Like "authentic and 'audacious'”
I really want to hurl
In their worship spaces spacious!

Anonymous said...

I see your perspective, and understand it. On the other hand, this was my thought: "Don't be overly concerned with statistics that poll a miniscule amount of Catholics (active or inactive), then states '65% of Catholics believe so and so'; particularly when there is proof of strengthening faith, at least in some parishes. Focus on the, Beautiful, Good, and True worship of God. Evangelize, but don't get caught up in the world."

That may have been a bit rambling; I also acknowledge that I am predisposed to distrust statistics in polls of the US or U.S. Catholics. So your perspective may very well be right.

Anonymous said...

I hope that all of those who read this blog and its author take time to respond to the questionnaire the Archbishop has posted. It also can be found on other diocese and archdiocese websites.


As I read through the form, I wonder how many people actually know what their diocese, their parish is doing, what programs they are sponsoring/supporting.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of pope critics who respond to thetinman and each other, so perhaps this St. Louis project may be rejected. I have wonderd if the visitors to this blog would consider joining the community of builders to help foster alternatives to worship. Would the visitors/parishoners of St. Francis deSales go as a group to work on the house. No monetary contribution is required, though always welcomed. Please consider.


Jane S.