11 February 2015

I'll Pile On

Lots of bloggers are going back to their archives on this second anniversary of the abdication of Benedict XVI. I'll add something that I wrote about our favorite Cardinal, as I looked ahead with unease to the conclave to elect a successor:

Pray for Cardinal Burke in any event. If he is not elected, he will be at the forefront of the charge to restore, or will be persecuted by the Church's victorious modernists.

I would say that this has come to pass, yes. Not that it took Tiresias to predict it.


Karen said...

Do you think we will ever find out what really happened? At Mass when we are to name the Pope and our bishop, I always stumble in my mind and name both Francis and Benedict. He is still pope, yes?no? sort of? I am confused.

Karen said...

I should say, he is still A pope?

Karen said...

Just not THE pope? (sorry, I'm not good at thinking on my feet).

Anonymous said...

Nice reference. I'm teaching the Bacchae today. Coincidence? I think not.