03 February 2015

Mandatory Vaccinations: Politicians Getting Set to Override Parental Authority Yet Again?

There are not many topics that can divide the opinion of Catholic parents, particularly the homeschoolers among us, than that of vaccinations.  Some question the legitimacy and desirability of vaccines generally.  Some question the health effects of many of them.  Some are outraged by the use of aborted fetal cell lines in their manufacture.  Some are pro-some, anti-others.  Some are all for vaccinations, but are concerned about the number, spacing and age of reception.

However that all may be, what seems to be against Catholic teaching is the growing sense that parents must be compelled to accept any vaccines that the government tells them they need.  One of the political parties has never been shy about attacking the integrity of the family, but the other party has usually talked a good game about upholding it.  

Well, now it seems that party of moral stalwarts is getting ready to serve us up yet again.  I know this will not surprise most, but it just seems like the inevitability machine is kicking into gear on this.

The Church has offered practical guidance on the issue of vaccines, particularly those that are derived from aborted fetal cell lines. The Pontifical Academy for Life issued this document some years ago, that should be a must-read for Catholic parents.  

We can only pray that the Vatican continues to support the conscience rights of families on this issue in the years to come.  

I also very much encourage everyone to visit and explore the website of Children of God for Life, that has done yeoman work on the issue of aborted fetal cell line vaccines and that has striven to ensure the manufacture of morally-derived vaccines.

Case in point:  you have probably heard of the measles outbreak that has centered around Disneyland in California.  There is speculation that immigration has had an effect on the spread of the disease, and there are other theories.  However, one constant in the mainstream press is the horror of irresponsible parents who nuttily refuse to vaccination their children, thus exposing all our children to harm.  You know, the "Won't somebody think of the children?!" crowd.  

But might this problem have anything to do with Merck discontinuing the ethically-derived measles and mumps single vaccines, forcing parents to get the aborted fetal cell line-derived MMR instead?

But forget that.  Parents, get ready, you're in the crosshairs again.


TheMediaKnowsWhat'sBest4Me said...

Thank you for this very reasonable post. It's nice to hear civilized discourse rather than fear-mongering and name-calling on both sides.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt many Catholic parents support your position on this issue.

On behalf of countless others, I urge you and other like thinkers to reconsider your position with respect to this issue.

True Believer

thetimman said...

TB, I don't think I stated my opinion on vaccines in the post, unless you mean my stance that parents should decide for their own children without government compulsion. I suspect most agree with that, but if I'm wrong, then all the more reason to post this.

JRuskin said...

The amount of controversy this topic arouses fascinates me. I just cannot believe that anyone thinks parents shouldn't have the right to decide this matter. I vaccinated my children with all the stand-bys but took a wait-and-see attitude with new ones. If someone wants to label me some ugly epithet, well, I care not at all. My kids' health is much more important.

Michael Ortiz said...

This isn't a morally clear issue such as contraception or abortion. The science against vaccines is junk science. Full stop.