19 February 2015

Meatless Friday Thursday: Lenten Second Banana Edition

Anyone who has a sense of pop culture (I'm guessing Dr. Snide is out, but her husband is in) might enjoy this NCAA Tourney-style bracket of the all-time "top" second banana.  Or sidekick. Or running mate.  Whatever.

I'm not sure if the winner should be the ultimate winner, or maybe the second-place finisher, but this is a philosophical concern.

Article here.  Vote here.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! It would be fun but it's missing the most famous sidekick of all: Robin, the Boy Wonder! What's up with that?

Sorry to grouse, but here goes: It didn't record my votes and it puts up to compete 2 rap guys I never heard of. I'll try again later. Why not put a known with an unknown? Who decided these brackets? Too much NBA and rap. No baseball or football? It's rigged, I tell you!

All that said, Grantland is a great sports site!

dulac90 said...

I didn't see Timbro.