11 February 2015

Pope Continues to Try to Put the Tooth Paste Back into the Tube

The Rabbitgate scandal has long, rabbity-legs.  

At this Wednesday's audience, the Holy Father continues his necessary efforts at damage control.  He says "having more children cannot be automatically viewed as an irresponsible choice."  His Holiness praised, at length, large families and criticized the selfishness of a conscious decision not to have children.  This is good, of course, but pardon the mixed metaphor when I observe that the rabbit is out of the barn on this one.

Regina Familiae, ora pro nobis!


Elizabeth said...

So what else is new, right? This guy has talked out of both sides of his mouth since the get-go. Although this particular instance seems to be the first one that he's actually tried to walk-back, so to speak. Laughable if it wasn't so shameful and pathetic.

Scott Woltze said...

The sad thing is that even the way he phrases the issue comes from the spirit of the world. The onus actually goes the other way: it is those who have fewer children who actually have the burden of justifying whether they were responsible with the gifts God has given them.

Athelstane said...

"...pardon the mixed metaphor when I observe that the rabbit is out of the barn on this one."

Or, to be more accurate, out of the hutch.

If the Holy Father makes such observations fifty more times, we might be getting somewhere. Unfortunately, there will be at least a few more airplane press conferences scattered in among 'em.

Mad Mom said...

Large Catholic families are usually loving and good!. I know first hand how much orphaned children who come from hard places can flourish in such a home.

And by stark contrast how these same children's biological brother who was forced, against the wishes of the state to be adopted by his gay foster mother and her "wife" instead of the above family is having a really hard time.

Because of the recent MO judges decision, now foster kids will now be adopted by couples who are living a disordered lifestyle,

Yes, I said it. It is wrong to adopt kids as a gay couple and studies over the years have proven the ill effects on kids. But, we must all pretend that it is just great! God help us all.