13 February 2015

Well, Maybe He Should, and Maybe He Does

We are told in this article from the Catholic Herald that "Benedict XVI has no regrets about his decision to resign".

This is according to the reported words of Archbishop Ganswein, his longtime secretary, and current secretary to Pope Francis (c.f. Mt. 6:24). I am sure that there is a good reason for this article, and it is for our edification.

Call me crazy (pauses for same), but 1) I frankly don't believe it; and, 2) if it is true then I think it is time for His Holiness to do some soul searching. Since I think His Holiness has already done extensive soul searching, I will stick with number 1.

Nothing short of direct heavenly intervention could make this situation one of "no regret".

Don't like that description?  Too bad. Just keeping it real.


Jane Chantal said...

These days, a headline proclaiming that this or that public figure "has no regrets" generally can be taken as an indication that that person either 1) has regrets, or 2) ought to have regrets.

Anonymous said...

In latin, people said: "Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta"...
The Vatican Radio today "The Pope Emeritus will be present tomorrow at the public Concistoro" where Pope Francis will nominate the new Cardinals.

No tyranny said...

I just wonder if you will be able to have this blog after Feb. 26th when the FEC must vote on a 350 page document of Obama given regulations on "political speech" on the internet. The gov. will control every aspect of the internet. This was supposed to be a secret, but a Republican commissioner has been blowing the whistle before the vote. How sad that our freedom of speech will be over.

Anonymous said...

It's not only the regrets part I don't believe.

And yes, I know what that implies.

Exsurge, Christe, adjuva nos.

thetimman said...

No tyranny, I think the speech is targeted to be regulated only if it takes donations or earns money. Mine doesn't, one of many reasons why I ask for no money.

Still a heinous overreach, but not one to get me I think. I'm much more likely to be labelled 'hate speech' as that term expands to whatever it will mean.

Anonymous said...

Finally the Pope has reached out to the people in places where there never has been a cardinal.



Anonymous said...

What regrets do you think Benedict should experience?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should believe the retired Pope, take him at his word. Although it may horrify some followers of this blog, it is quite possible that Benedict does not regret resigning and knew what would happen when he did. He may even be delighted.


Anonymous said...

I am going full conspiracy theory tonight....I was at a used book store this afternoon. I came across a title "In God's Name". The book alleges that JP1 was murdered. I didn't buy the book, but the preface I skimmed implicated the Vatican bankers as well as an Argentinian and an Italian banker who were suspect. Supposedly, JP1 was intending to reform the corrupt Vatican bank. These guys stood to lose, as would Cardinal Cody who was to be replaced by JP1, allegedly. The book showed photos of some "suicided" bankers around the globe. These events on some web sites I looked at tonight are tied by some to the Fatima secrects.

I have no idea as to the veracity of all this, of course. But it sounds like some history repeating here.
1. The Vatican bank again (still?) needs reform.
2. Francis is from Argentina.
3. In recent years, we had reports of several bankers around the world committing suicide.

So, is Francis really here to protect the status quo, rather than reform the Vat banks?

How crazy is this to think about?