04 February 2015

"You see this chase is hotly followed, friends."

-- from Henry V, Act II, Scene 3

The measles outbreak has missed St. Louis, reports the Post-Dispatch, but it also reports it "spurs renewed calls for vaccinations".  

If you follow the linked story, look to the left sidebar, where various related national stories are featured.  One is an opinion piece by Kathleen Parker titled "Seeking a Vaccine for Ignorance". Another bears the headline: "Failing to Vaccinate Kids Called Irresponsible by the White House".

Irresponsible, hmm.  Where have I heard that label recently?

I point this out in furtherance of my post of yesterday.  The beginnings of a movement to eliminate parental input from the decision to give vaccines to their children is underway.  Call this a public service, if you like.

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Fr. Andrew said...

Did we ever talk about the "Pink Police State?" Tyranny. All in the name of safety, health, and security.