27 March 2015

Prayers Needed for These Stalwart Priests

Check out this post at Rorate, wherein is contained the letter of hundreds of British priests who publicly commit to upholding the unchangeable doctrine of Christ on the indissolubility of marriage and who commit further to upholding the necessary coupling of the discipline of the sacraments to this doctrine.

Make no mistake, this required bravery, and will require further bravery.  As the treatment of Cardinal Burke and others has already shown, yes, these are sad times when being Catholic can get you persecuted by the Church's hierarchy itself.

Call me a softy, but I found it actually quite inspiring.

Times are bad, but there are so many still faithful.  

Oremus pro invicem!

1 comment:

Long-Skirts said...


I send our children
To the slaughter,
One son of six
And now a daughter.

Why encourage
Staying poor
But pay high price?

Giving all
To those in need
Suffer wounds
For Mother's Creed?

All for Him
Take the thorn
Then ignored
Not worth their scorn.

Not worth the bother,
As feminists fail,
A wasted life
That takes the nail.

Where daily climb
Upon the Cross
Some Roman men
Count them as loss

But worry of
Debased desires
"No need forgo"
Just stoke those fires.

And at your legal
Unions wink,
"We don't condone
Though aid your kink."

Cassocks, habits,
Vatican Two in reverse --
Forward couples' Civil Unions
We'll pretend aren't perverse.