31 March 2015

We Interrupt this Holy Week-- or Perhaps Not

Patrick Archbold, principal author of the terrific blog Creative Minority Report, and former-- yes, former-- contributor to the National Catholic Register, has been sacked by the Register. The crime, as usual, is for being too Catholic.  

Now I can refer to the Register as NCR without having to distinguish it from the other NCR.  See how easy it is?:

Mr. Archbold's columns were really the only reason for distinguishing the two publications anyway.

Don't worry, the paid gigs for Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher are safe and sound!

It is very merciful and humble, I must say, to relieve a good man of some portion of his income during this penitential season.  I haven't subscribed to the other NCR in many years; I suppose that streak will now be guaranteed to continue.

Have a blessed Holy Week. As Our Lord said, we should expect persecution. Keep Mr. Archbold in your prayers.

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