21 April 2015

Chartreusings with The Property Brothers

Them's the Property Brothers
"My wish list: A big modern kitchen with a center island, hardwood floors, an open floor plan with a cheesy modern fireplace, a master bedroom with walk-in closet and en suite bathroom, a huge yard for my growing family of three, and located in the heart of downtown Toronto. My max budget is $750,000."

-- Annoying home buyer, on every episode

"This house is listed well under market price. Therefore, I suggest that we go in with an offer $10,000 over your max budget."

-- Hunky Drew Scott, on every episode

"This renovation can be done $5000 under your max budget, at least until I inevitably find during the renovation some problem that any kindergartner could've anticipated well ahead of time, which will necessitate a crisis decision on your part to compromise on some major element of the project, in order to come in just at your max budget."

-- Hunky Jonathan Scott, on every episode

Thanks, Em, for the inspiration. Enjoy the show! 


Em said...

Not to stir up controversy, but Jonathan is way hunkier than Drew. It's the plaid flannel shirts.


dulac90 said...

Unabashedly Catholic news and views?

thetimman said...

Everyone's a critic.