05 April 2015

Christ is Victorious over Death

Nolite expavescere Iesum quaeritis Nazarenum crucifixum surrexit non est hic. Ecce locus ubi posuerunt eum.

Sed ite et dicite discipulis eius et Petro quia praecedit vos in Galilaeam ibi eum videbitis sicut dixit vobis.

Blessed Easter to you, dear readers!


Long-Skirts said...

A Blessed Easter to you and your family, Timman and all your readers of this blog...


(meditation on hands of the Priest)

She who had
Washed His feet
With silver tears
At Jesus’ seat

“Do not touch Me”

She at the tomb
To Him did speak
Did not recognize
His glorious physique

“Do not touch Me”

He then said,
“Mary”, she turned…
“Rabboni”, she cried
Reaching, she yearned

“Do not touch Me”

“Whose sins you shall forgive
They are forgiven
Whose sins you shall retain
They are retained”

“This is My Body”

Appearing to His men
The chosen, in fear
“Now it’s complete”
From the Last Supper to here

“This is My Body”

“Put in thy finger”
“Put it into My Side”
“It is…Myself” you “ handle”

thetimman said...

Happy Easter, Long-Skirts, to you and yours!