02 April 2015

Holy Thursday

Only a relationship with the One who is himself Life can preserve my life beyond the floodwaters of death, can bring me through them alive. Already in Greek philosophy we encounter the idea that man can find eternal life if he clings to what is indestructible -- to truth, which is eternal. He needs, as it were, to be full of truth in order to bear within himself the stuff of eternity. 

But only if truth is a Person, can it lead me through the night of death. 

We cling to God -- to Jesus Christ the Risen One. And thus we are led by the One who is himself Life. In this relationship we too live by passing through death, since we are not forsaken by the One who is himself Life.

--  Pope Benedict XVI, from his Homily for Holy Thursday, 2010

Triduum Schedule at St. Francis de Sales Oratory:

Thursday, April 2 - Maundy Thursday

5:30pm Confessions
6:30pm High Mass,
Procession to the Repository
Adoration until Midnight

Friday, April 3 - Good Friday

8am Stations of the Cross
2pm-6:30pm Confessions
3pm Liturgy of the Passion & Death of Our Lord

Saturday, April 4 - Holy Saturday

8pm Confessions
9pm Easter Vigil, Solemn High Mass,
followed by Blessing of Easter food
(Bread, Eggs ...)

Sunday, April 5 - Easter Sunday

8am Low Mass; 10am High Mass

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