20 April 2015


I thought I would check in on those few of you still left to assure you that I am yet among the living. I plan on writing in earnest again this week, and I confess to having been extremely busy at work. This real world crunch was accompanied by a double-whammy technology situation.  You know, the one where my office laptop crashes-- exacerbating my work issues while making it extremely difficult to blog here-- while at the same time my mobile blogging app quit working entirely after a "helpful" app update, preventing me from blogging at large.  Hence, I could only blog at home, but the four minute window in which I was conscious at night didn't seem to work out.

Still awake?  You are a kind soul.

So, stay tuned, faithful reader, and hopefully I can inspire or annoy you in the coming days.

In the meantime, this might be the place to mention the profoundly tragic situation in Wisconsin you will undoubtedly have read about by now. A father of eight killed driving his wife to the hospital to deliver that eighth child.  A GoFundMe site is up and running and I gladly link to it now.

Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord. May perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

And may Our Lord and Lady make their presence felt with his poor family.

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Badger Catholic said...

Very sad. AP has picked up the story now, my wife told me a top story on Yahoo News.