22 May 2015

Eventually They Won't Stand for This

And by eventually I mean sooner than you think.

About what am I talking? Homeschooling-- its success and its growth.

Homeschooling produces independent thinkers, or at least thinkers not taught the "correct" dogmas of the secular anti-Christian culture. I have heard one speaker (I cannot remember his name, sorry) refer to homeschooling as the "education of free men". That is spot-on.

Some do it well, some do it not-so-well. But the point is that it isn't the indoctrination of Leviathan's choosing.

When homeschoolers are such a minority that they pass as virtually nonexistent or quirky like a subset of Amish, they are tolerated easily enough.  Like, "Oh, how cute, a homeschooler won the spelling bee!"  But when they go from far fewer than one percent of the school age population to 3.5 to 5%, and when they have greater success against established school systems, it is a far different matter. Like, "Can you believe that homeschool co-op beat MICDS, Priory, Kirkwood and 61 other state high schools for the state Mock Trial Championship? Must have been out of pity. We need to look into that."

But there are greater factors than mere embarrassment at work here, some mundane and some not. First, the educational system is ruled over by unions.  Unions love job security for their members, which means dues for the leaders. Everyone fat and happy.  In order to justify teachers and administrators, there must be students. If the number of homeschoolers reaches a critical mass, then the security of unions will be at stake.

Secondly, when the powers that be wish to teach falsehoods as truth, it is vital that everyone be brainwashed into thinking falsehoods are truth-- or, to be more accurate, to teach students to avoid thinking at all. This is accomplished by occluding truth and emphasizing feelings, both emotional and animalistic.  If a few people opt out, no big deal, but if, say, a third opt out, that will expose the system for what it is. 

And the system will fail.

Finally, though homeschooling is not necessarily Christian, and many people homeschool for academics alone, it is typically Christian.  If you haven't noticed, Christians are marked for extinction, either through apostasy or, failing that, by what one might call the final solution. Think I'm overreacting?  Too bad.

And so here we are.  Homeschoolers are safe enough at 1% of the population. Perhaps they would be if they reach 25%, too.  

The real threat occurs when they reach 5%, with every sign of continued growth. That time is now.  

It will be targeted for extinction by the powers that be. Truancy laws, Common Core, UN Treaties that invade on parental rights, sodomite indoctrination, worries of "homegrown terrorists" and "safety" drills targeting dangerous homeschoolers: all these are early means to squelch it. If they won't work to limit the numbers of homeschoolers, look for more drastic means to come.


Sharon said...

I have heard one speaker (I cannot remember his name, sorry) refer to homeschooling as the "education of free men".

This was, I believe, Andrew Pudewa. He covers this more in depth in his book "A Thomas Jefferson Education."

Sam said...

This is just absolutely silly. If it makes you feel better to have a "the whole world is against us" attitude, fine, then feel better. But there's a whole lot of people who read this post and just yawn.

The Bear said...

The Bear homeschooled. If was fantastic and our kids got a much better education. It was also hard. I agree that homeschooling cannot be tolerated by the state. I have seen how casually the state can take children from their parents and put them in questionable foster care. It is a long, expensive legal fight to ever get them back, too.

Long-Skirts said...

I have had children in both public schools and diocesan catholic schools and was not pleased especially with the sex education that both have promoted. By the grace of God we were led to a Traditional Roman Catholic school where the children were ensconced daily with the Sacraments. One of our sons is being Ordained a Priest this June and one daughter is a Traditional Franciscan and another son will enter the Brothers' Novitiate this Oct. It's because of the daily influence of our Priests, other Christs who lived the Faith and bleed the Creed. If I hadn't had this most glorious "diamond in a goat's ass" I, too, would have home schooled to protect their souls once I saw what was going on...


Queen of the Holy Rosary
Early morning bright

Kneel before
The Tabernacle
Veiled in silky white

Then I sit
Before the cross
Clasping Rosary tight

Pray before the crucifix

Altar with the
Angel statues
Keeping Him in sight

On either side
They kneel, adore
In purity of white

Spread upon
The altar
A linen woven quite

Hoping maybe
Just this once
A tinge to stain its white

Then I stand
As priest walks in
The Blessed Mother’s knight

On his back
A golden cross
Stamped on vestment white

The yellow flame
Atop the wax
Twinkle just so slight

Looking like
A sparkling crown
Above the candles white

And through the clear
Window panes
A ray from sunny light

The outside tries
To enter in
Through glass that’s framed in white

Outside there’s
A stoney wall
Projecting all its might

Would like to march
Before our Lord
But guards in its dress white

Then the whites
Begin to quiver
Paled by shadowy Ghost

A bell, held breath
A silent shiver –
Whites blaze ‘fore Blood-Flesh Host!

Christophe said...

Don't put Priory behind MICDS.

Conspiracy Nut said...

I believe that the two main channels of misinformation used to hypnotise the masses are 1) the media; and 2) education. In school you learn that to what makes people good is making others feel good and that inequality of any form is injustice. Then how many movies/books/TV shows/video games have a revolutionary premise such as small band of heroes have to rebel against authority?

Eventually you are so saturated with this growing up as a child that you think that anything with another message is evil conservative propaganda.