07 May 2015

Prosecutor Writes Letter to Fr. Lockwood's Parishioners

I guess this is America. 

The Jackson County Prosecutor has seen fit to write a letter directly to the parishioners of Christ the King Parish to counter the letter of the pastor, Fr. Gregory Lockwood, who wrote to them in support of Bishop Robert Finn.  

Just wrap your mind around this, people.  A pastor writes a letter to his flock, giving his opinion about a Church matter involving their bishop. First, SNAP wants him disciplined. Now, a county prosecutor uses the power of her office to attempt to refute him. Why?  Because the Church cannot be allowed to support a faithful bishop against the secular power, no matter the reason.

You see, Fr. Lockwood has committed Thoughtcrime, and after the Ministry of Truth has stated it wants him thrown down the memory hole, we now hear from the Ministry of Love with a not-so-subtle shot across the bow.

This letter, and Fr. Lockwood's original letter, can be read in full at the link above.  But here are some key excerpts with my commentary.  It begins this way:

"The recent letter sent out by your pastor laid out misinformation regarding State of Missouri v. Robert Finn.  This letter is to address some of those misstatements."

Where exactly is the Jackson County budget line to cover direct appeal letters from the Prosecutor to ordinary citizens in order to make sure everyone tows the party line?  And can we assume that Jackson County will provide Fr. Lockwood with the funds to reach every reader of the Kansas City Star in order to respond to this extraordinary letter?

Hello?  A governmental prosecutor is writing to citizens directly in order to rebuke someone who disagrees with her!  Is this OK with you?

But, Dear Reader, don't worry. She went to Catholic schools:

"I was raised in the Catholic faith and attended Catholic schools. My education was guided by Catholic nuns who ran a disciplined school in a four-room schoolhouse for grades one through eight..." 

And so on. It is so common a tactic as to be unremarkable that whenever someone dissents from the Church, holds the Church up to ridicule, disavows the Church, or persecutes the Church, they make sure to establish their pew-cred by citing their oh-so-Catholic education.  I say it again: if there is any greater indictment of Catholic education since the '60s than the ungrateful treatment by, and illogical thought of, its alumni, I don't know what it is.

Great.  So, she went to Catholic schools.  Check.  Loves those nuns. Check.

And, don't be fooled, she assures parishioners in this direct popular appeal to them, she is not motivated by politics:

"I run this office as a prosecutor, not a politician..." 

[...]"Having the courage to stand up to those in power and hold dangerous criminals accountable for their behavior is a necessary component of the position of prosecutor."  

Is that her description of Bishop Finn?  A dangerous criminal? Really?

And so, with a final appeal that someone please, please think of the children, she ends.

I'm glad this former Democratic State Representative who was previously endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America (what used to be known as the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) took the time to assure parishioners she wasn't politically motivated and that the well-being of children is so important.

As for Fr. Lockwood, as you can imagine, he is under considerable fire for daring to speak his mind. He could use your prayers.  As you may know, he is a married priest ordained with Vatican permission, and has a family.  Without going into details, his family has had its share of difficulties that make him the last person who would be soft on sexual predators.  But that is beside the point of this letter which, regardless of the sincerity of the prosecutor in her claims, is in effect an effort to intimidate the Church and her pastors.

Hope you're OK with that.


Trad Deacon said...

I personally know Father Lockwood. He is an honest, intelligent, and fearless man.

He is not only an intellect, but a veteran and a patriot.

What a sad commentary. The nuns failed this prosecutor or did they?
What a joke!!!

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney said...

There is no doubt that the persecution of the holy church has begun. As history has taught us Satin will lead this demonic persecution with people who will call themselves "catholic". This prosecutor is so far from the truth that she no longer understands right from wrong.
Vincent J. Sanzone, Jr., Esq.

Curmudgeon said...

Sincerity of the prosecutor in her claims?

No way.

fr anthony Brankin said...

excellent column!
Fr. Brankin

Dr. Bombay said...

This whole thing has a sulfurous stench that I find revolting. If one were prone to despair, the whole Finn debacle might be enough to push one over the edge.

If I were a priest or seminarian in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, I might be thinking that it's one thing to be imprisoned for being a Catholic. It's quite another to be imprisoned after being falsely accused of being a deviant. I suspect false accusations by money-hungry lawyers and their ideological enablers will ramp up considerably after this.

At least lay Catholics don't have quite so obvious a target painted on their foreheads as of yet. A terminal illness with a precipitous decline is starting to have more and more appeal. This Orwellian bizarro world is untenable.

Aged parent said...

Excellent post.

Watching the renewed arrogance of petty officialdom is quite a sight.