29 May 2015

The Wreckers


Inocencio Rangel said...

Powerful Crypto-Catholic Poetry is motivation for prayer, Thank you!

Long-Skirts said...


Nowhere to kneel
No Tabernacle
No candle red
Just marble crackle

A sepulchre
Deathly white
To help good souls
Despair, take flight

That's WHAT they want
That is their plan
Then mock, "You dis -
obedient man!"

But in the depths
Of doctrine deep
Sails the Ship
That will not sleep

Full of disobedient
Obeying Christ
In priests that keep

The Barque of Peter
On its course
Though her bowels be bricked
By a sinister source

Then damn the torpedoes
Will blast through the block
Full speed ahead

No sepulchre whites
Disobedience, despairs --
Only seas of gold Masses
By an Archbishop's Peres!

Anonymous said...

You should add a photo of the crane removing the great Fr. DeSmet from SLU! Those are the Wreckers indeed.

JBQ said...

Well done as seen by a Navy vet.