16 June 2015

A Good Primer on Encyclicals

Steve Skojec has posted a very helpful piece at 1 Peter 5 called Encyclicals 101, which is a good read in advance of June 18.  

It pays to keep things in perspective. On a different front, I think Louie Verrecchio also has a point, though he is too broad in tone, when he wrote this:

The publication of Laudato Si, the Encyclical of Pope Francis on the Environment, is less than a week away (June 18th) and both dread and speculation are reaching a near fever pitch.

As to the former, I think everyone might do well to imagine just how much worse it could be.

How so?

Think about it; we could be awaiting an encyclical on the mission of the Catholic Church, or the Person of Christ, or the nature of the priesthood, or the sacred liturgy, or Christian unity, etc. 

Given that silence is clearly not an option for this pope, what would you rather have him address in the form of an encyclical; a matter directly related to some fundamental aspect of the Catholic Faith, or the pseudo-science of man made global warming?

Either way, faithful Catholics are destined to be embarrassed. That much, we know.

In the long run, however, I can’t help but think that it does less damage for Francis to ramble on matters environmental than to wax on anything theological.

Keep your heads down and stick to task.  Things will get worse before they get better, seemingly.

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Anonymous said...

I think your friend Louie is quite correct. It will be silly and embarrassing b/c it's not scientifically and logically defensible (and too far from a religious baliwick), but it is not as harmful or fatal a document as some denial or reversal of a basic Catholic Truth. But let's gird our loins for the Fall Synod. We may still have to face that...soon.