14 July 2015

Author Talk

My friend Delena is a homeschooling mom who, between getting immersed in arts and crafts, taking photos, composing panegyrics for her husband, making a type of headgear, or peddling an essential oil, writes some terrific prose at her blog: It's On My To Do List.

Recently, she posted a two-part interview with Dr. Mark Adderley, the Catholic author of adventure books for young readers. She asked that I spread the word, and I am happy to do so. Her two posts are here and here.

Adderley's McCracken books hold particular appeal for me, as my wife has often compared me unfavorably to Campus Meathead Mike McCracken.



Delena said...


I had to google "panegyrics."

Homeschooling mom for the WIN right there.

I HAVE mentioned how he takes the bus in the winter to save us money, haven't I? :-)

Thanks for the post. I'm all about supporting good Catholic businesses, authors, etc.-especially during these particularly fun times!

thetimman said...

I kid because I love. Hope you and yours are well!