07 July 2015

I Would Be Remiss If I Did Not Mark the Day...

...The day that Pope Benedict XVI promulgated the greatest papal document of the last 54 years, the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.  

It recognized--it did not create-- the right of every Catholic to the traditional Mass. 

It is a beacon of Hope and a true fountain of Mercy in the darkest time in Church history.  Yes, I said the darkest time in Church history.

God bless Pope Benedict XVI for this act of justice, and may the Mass be restored throughout the West. It is a necessary part of any restoration of the faith.


Long Pants said...

There there...there there

That's me comforting you the way I used to comfort my kids when they thought their woes were the worst woes anyone had ever experienced.

Anonymous said...

Thanks in no small part to the courageous prep work of Archbishop Lefevbre, Michael Davies, and others in the early days.

Suit and Tie

M. Prodigal said...

That was a great day and we sure have not had many of those in the past few years.

I read a sad comment today and I paraphrase just a bit someone said that finally the present pope is speaking about 'mother earth' and not about that other mother Mary.

The focus on worldly things or things of the earth and hints of changes to doctrine like Catholics will follow the example of the Episcopal 'church' are most disconcerting. Must always remind ourselves to keep our eyes on the Lord and follow the unchangeable truths of the Church.