06 August 2015

A Thoughtful, Cogent and and Informative Post on the Social Kingship of Christ

Such a post has been written by Peter Kwasniewski and can be found at Rorate Caeli.

But.... since you are reading a blog-- this one in particular-- you may not be that into thoughtful, cogent, or informative.

To each his own.

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Anonymous said...

His (Peter Kwasniewski's) post lumps Constantine in with Diocletian, Henry VIII and other reprobates, yet it was Constantine that decriminalized Christianity and called the Council of Nicea. He is venerated as a Saint with his Mother, Helena, in the Eastern Church. I assume that he (Peter) thinks that the emergence of the Church from the catacombs was a bad thing for the Church. However, Rorate offers no means of seeking clarification of his thoughts on this.