10 August 2015

Anecdotes, Mild Speculation, and Some Facts, Too

This summer my son has worked for a local catering company, mostly for weekend weddings.  

What does this have to do with Ferguson, you ask?  Well, something, anyway.

This past weekend we have been inundated with the all-expected celebration commemoration media frenzy marking one year since Michael Brown was shot and killed (In case you are wondering, there is only one media-acceptable way to view this incident.  And if you are further wondering whose fault it was, well just look in the mirror. If you are white, it is your fault.). 

These "protests" are covered by the media per its standard template.  The public has its template response.  "Protesters" gather.  Police stand around protecting whomever it is they are supposed to protect. I suspect they are there merely as a plot device.

So, back to this weekend, a local "youth" allegedly shot at police, who fired back and critically injured him.  You should know that he was not a "protester" because "protesters" by definition aren't criminals.  So, you see, we are still dealing with a "peaceful" protest. And a store was looted by some area "youths", not "protesters". "Protesters" don't loot, by definition. Finally, two "unidentified groups" shot at each other during the Mike Brown "protests", sending "protesters" scurrying for cover.  As the police were not involved, if you want to know whose fault it is, try the mirror test mentioned above.

That was just the Ferguson end of things.  Also this weekend, "protesters" took to the streets of the Shaw neighborhood to celebrate Von Derrit Myers, Jr. This is particularly ludicrous as, unlike Brown, Myers was armed with a gun.  He shot at a police officer with his gun.  The officer returned fire and killed him.  Now, these facts are not in dispute by anyone who has a toe in reality.  As the media cannot say that it is the police's fault, it elects to keep a general cone of silence over that event, and just somehow link it to the "epidemic of police on black violence".  OK.  

I post above the best photographic evidence of modern, liberal stupidity I have ever seen. For some reason, a lot of white liberals are on board with the Myers "protests".  In  the Post-Dispatch photo above, you see the largely white crowd holding up their hands like at a CTA Puppet Mass-- sending "healing energy" to the Myers backers. I admit to quite a rueful chuckle at this one.

So, back to my son:  based on his observations last Saturday, and some facts, I will engage in some mild speculation.

At the wedding reception-- between two African-Americans and largely attended by African-Americans, the best man gave a toast.  He wished the married couple well, and noted with vigor and thanked God that their marriage was a real marriage, between a man and a woman.  According to my son, the guests erupted in cheers and applause.  

Cool, I said.  And, as I vaguely remembered that African-Americans were instrumental in the Constitutional amendment in California to protect marriage a few years back, I did the barest of internet fact checking to see if there was data on attitudes towards sodomitical fake marriages by race.  This Pew Research study shows that, despite the slippage resulting from the relentless reeducation project foisted on us all, African-Americans still strongly oppose it (BTW--you can see that Catholics don't hold up so well).

So, I thought, what a wonderful opportunity for white and black citizens who care about morality to come together!  But of course, the highly-managed events of the last year-- and of the whole period of this administration-- make that a very tough sell.

Therefore, finally, I speculate that this is precisely the point of it all.  As the vise closes on us from the tyranny of secular and ecclesiastical modernism, we have been pitted against each other.  In society as in the Church, our opposition to evil is weakened by our separation.  We are as sheep without a shepherd.  These efforts to separate us will continue, and will continue to have success.

The same successful efforts divide us within the Church, and the persons trying to separate us occupy high places.

This speculation is not original, of course.  But no matter.  God will prevail and His enemies will be scattered.  Stand firm, reach out, and be ready for what comes with Faith, Hope, and Charity.

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