11 August 2015

Devastatingly True

This editorial reposted at Rorate Caeli: A Skeletal Mass for a Skeletal Church


"...the new liturgy presumed to skip two thousand years of Christian history, in the illusion of reconnecting to a mythical beginning of Christianity. The men of the post-council reform said that it was necessary to simplify [the Mass], so that the noble essence of the Catholic Rite would emerge. They believed effectively negative, all the Church’s work of centuries and centuries to make the Catholic Rite increasingly more limpid and edifying . They continued to eliminate and eliminate, retaining negative all that had been added [over the centuries] and a skeleton Mass was what emerged.

A Mass of empty things and the unsaid - empty things and the unsaid were then filled up by the fantasy of the celebrant and the faithful. And the fantasies have become as numerous as the churches in the world because it is obvious one cannot live off a skeleton: men fatten-up the skeleton, but the flesh and the blood are not of God, but usually that of the dictatorship of the mentality in vogue. So, according to the seasons, we have had socialist Masses, poetic masses, happy-clappy masses, wordy masses, catechesis Masses, healing Masses, Charismatic Masses, missionary Masses, quick Masses and so on and so forth. In short – you can construct the Mass so that it matches you and your Christianity. A Mass so impoverished no longer gave nourishment, and so it became necessary to turn to the various ideologies in vogue to fatten it up. By eliminating much that was due to God, the Mass had to be filled by the things of men, so that it could still be considered of some use: a tragedy [which amounts to] the loss of the Catholic heart, that is to say, the redeeming work of Christ Crucified.

And the tragedy has been propagated right through the entire Catholic organism: the new skeletal Mass, filled of empty things, has become so ambiguous so as to produce a skeletal Christianity, skeletal dogma and morality: the result: ambiguous Catholicism.

Priests, reduced to celebrating a skeleton of a Mass, thus no longer nourished nor defended by the Mass itself, are, in their turn, unable to nourish and defend the people."


Sam said...

Catholic liturgy is not a zero sum game. Just because you prefer the pre-1962 liturgy doesn't mean that the Novus Ordo Is defective. Keep in mind that 97% of Catholics attend the mainstream Mass. I think it's really sad that you can't be satisfied with having your Mass . Instead, you feel the need to heap scorn on the Mass that sustains the vast majority of Catholics. FYI, I'm old enough to remember the pre-1962 Mass. I much prefer the Novus Ordo. If you prefer the old Mass, go ahead and go. Just check your "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude at the door.

Edison Frisbee said...

Uh-huh....sustains the 97% of the 23% of Catholics who still bother to go to Mass.....yep, its been a real winner.

Cineman said...


The old mass is objectively better, regardless of your personal preference or the blogger's. Take a look around in 2015 - the new Mass sustains the faith of a very few indeed, compared with times when the Faith was vibrant. We've all heard your argument a thousand times, and it has been found wanting.

Long Pants said...

Amen, Sam, but minds/attitudes/hearts don't change on this blog. The "I'm right and you're wrong" response is likely being drafted right now.


thetimman said...

Long Pants, you are ever the provocateur. God bless you.

Sam, the Mass doesn't rely upon my goodness or badness. I didn't create it, and I add nothing to its greatness. So saying the traditional Mass is superior is merely stating a fact. It is not "I'm right and you're wrong." It's this Mass is vastly superior to that one. As for my personal situation, I do not say, "Thank you God that I am not as the rest of men." Rather, "Have mercy on me, God, a sinner."

As for the sustenance of the 97% by the new Mass, the editorial, and Edison's comment, are pretty much spot on. I am glad the new Mass sustains you. Others have not been as fortunate. God bless you.

Long-Skirts said...

Sam said:

"Keep in mind that 97% of Catholics attend the mainstream Mass"

Christ said, “I am the Truth”; he did not say “I am the custom.”

Cbalducc said...

Edison, is there any evidence the 77 percent of Catholics who no longer attend Mass will do so if the Latin Mass is made universal again?

Unknown said...

Anonymous Cbalducc said...
Edison, is there any evidence the 77 percent of Catholics who no longer attend Mass will do so if the Latin Mass is made universal again?

Will the 97% of the 23% (21%...18%...16%...) leave if we do?

How about we raise our young men to be priests through love of the clear expression of the faith redolent throughout the form of liturgy which nurtured it so well for so long - the Extraordinary Form / Traditional Latin Mass?

Insofar as our priests are comfortable with the E.F., the Novus Ordo will benefit (we fixed the translation, can we please fix the music). These benefits will permeate the Church in ways quite difficult to imagine - although movies from the 30s help.

Do you have a better idea?

Cbalducc said...

Are Catholics who prefer the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostum on the road to perdition?

St. Louis Catholic comes across as the Westboro Catholic Church sometimes. If you don't prefer the Latin Mass, you're going to hell.

thetimman said...

Of course, I didn't say that